A guide to Virtual Beings and how they impact our world

Money from big tech companies and top VC firms is flowing into the nascent “virtual beings” space. Mixing the opportunities presented by conversational AI, generative adversarial networks, photore

Japanese Company Works On 13-Foot Robot With Built-In Cockpit

The <a href="">Robocalypse</a> is near: Osaka-based <a href="">Hajime Research Institute</a> is working on a <a href="http://www.

Video: Japanese Robot Climbs Up And Down Ladders By Itself

We're getting closer and closer to the <a href="">Robocalypse</a>: Osaka-based industrial equipment maker <a href="">Mu

Japanese Company Shows Robot Co-Working With Humans (Video)

We're one step closer to the <a href="">Robocalypse</a>: Japan-based <a href="">Kawada Industries</a> has developed a humanoid robot that

Video: Super-Realistic Dental Training Humanoid “Simroid”

Simroid, a super-realistic dental training robot developed in Japan, caused quite a splash in news outlets worldwide when it made <a href="">its debut in

SmartPal VII: A Humanoid That Can Be Remote-Controlled Via Kinect (Video)

We've shown you many <a href="">Kinect</a>-based hacks and applications over the past months, and here is a new one from Japan: major robot maker <a href="http://www.

Video: Super-Realistic HRP-4C Humanoid Walks Like Human

Most <a href="">robots</a> that are labeled "humanoids" still have a common problem: they can only walk in a slow, mechanical and chopping motion. Even <a href="https:

Asimo: Honda Upgrades Its Awesome Humanoid (Videos)

Honda has been very silent about <a href="">Asimo</a>, its super-advanced humanoid <a href="">robot</a>, in recent years. After introdu

Video: Amazing Mini Humanoid Rides Bicycle

We've shown you <a href="">robots</a> completing various tasks in the past, but this new model, a small hobby humanoid, can ride a bicycle like a human being. It's not

Actroid-F: Japan’s Super-Realistic Humanoid Gets A Brother (Video)

Do you remember Actroid-F, the super-realistic humanoid that <a href="">we've shown you last year</a>? Her makers, ro

New Robot Touch Sensor Paves The Way To More Lifelike Humanoids (Video)

Robots these days, especially humanoids, have one problem: it doesn't feel nice or life-like when you touch them. This is where an invention by Japanese robot startup <a href="

Video: Japanese Robot Talks Like A Human

We're one step closer to the Robocalypse: a research team at Japan's <a href="">Kagawa University</a> has developed a <a href="

Video: Meet Mex-One, Mexico's First Humanoid Robot

Professor Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano from the <a href="">Research and Advanced Studies Center of the National Polytec

HRP-4C: Watch That Japanese Humanoid Singing A New Song (Video)

<img src="" /> Remember <a href="">HRP-4C</a>? I saw her once in real life with my own eye

POLYRO: Meet The Humanoid That Costs Under $2,000 To Make

<img src="" /> The <a href="">Robocalypse</a>, it's coming nearer and nearer. Case in point: P

Awesome Android Group Video: 3 Humans Meet Their Robotic Look-alikes

<img src="" /> The Japanese don't call them androids but <a href="">actr

Robovie-PC Wins World's First Robot Marathon

<img src="" /> The <a href="">world's

World's First Robot Marathon Has Started (Livestream)

<img src="" /> <a href="">Last we

Videos: Toyota's Humanoids Play The Trumpet And Violin

<img src="" /> <a href="">Toyota</a> isn't just a car company: as we reported <a href="http://

Video: First Robot To Run Full Marathon Next Week

<img src="" /> We all knew this day would come, and we all knew this would happen in Japan: robot maker <a href="http:/
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