Japanese Company Works On 13-Foot Robot With Built-In Cockpit

The Robocalypse is near: Osaka-based Hajime Research Institute is working on a humanoid that will stand 13 feet (4m) tall, which is much taller than most other existing robots of its kind (the latest version of Honda’s Asimo, for example, is just 130cm high). It will also sport a built-in cockpit.

Hajime Sakamoto, president of the institute, is on a mission. After having successfully developed a 7-foot robot in 2009 (pictured above), the plan is to build the aforementioned giant robot next, before following up with humanoids that are 26 and 59 feet tall after that.

Needless to say, the 13-foot version would be the tallest humanoid out there. Sakamoto is currently trying to find more contractors and sponsors to finish the project, for example by posting videos on YouTube, setting up a Facebook page, or running a blog (all in Japanese).

Sakamoto doesn’t say how long it will take to build the robot, but this picture from Monday shows him standing him next to a completed leg:

Via Plastic Pals