Video: Japanese Robot Learns To Clean A Whiteboard

<img src="" /> The <a href="">Robocalypse</a> is coming closer and closer: a tea

Video: Humanoid HRP-2 Doesn't Avoid, But Walks Over Obstacle

<img src="" /> Do you remember the impressive and extremely agile humanoid HRP-2 we've shown you in <a href="

Video: Mini Humanoid PALRO Now Speaks English

<img src="" /> As if mini humanoid <a href="">PALRO</a> wasn't awesome enough already, he now ca

Video: Kinect-Controlled Mini Humanoid

<img src="" /> Seems like we will be getting <a href="">Kinect</a>-controlled robots on a <

Video: Household Robot Pours Drinks, Pops Party Poppers

<img src="" /> Japan has many advanced <a href="">home robots</

Videos: Three Super-Quick Mini Humanoids

<img src="" /> One weak point many humanoid <a href="">robots</a> have in common is that they

Video: Humanoid HRP-2 Doesn't Avoid Obstacles But Makes Use Of Them

<img src="" /> Usually, one way to determine how sophisticated robots are is to look at how they deal with obstacles standing in their way

Videos: Fujisoft's PALRO Humanoid Has A Memory

<img src="" /> We've covered <a href="">Fujisoft</a>'s mini humanoid PALRO twice <a href="http://www.cru

Video: Mini Humanoid "KHR-3HV Black"

<img src="" /> Japanese robot maker <a href="">Kondo</a> today <a href="http://kon

Video: Super-Realistic Humanoid Geminoid-F Stars In A Play

<img src="" /> <a href="">Hiroshi Ishiguro</a>, one of Japan’s most famous ro

Video: Wall-Crawling Robots From Japan

<img src="" /> It's been some tough months for the three humanoids, which Japan showcased at the Shanghai Expo to demonstrate the coun

Videos: Super-Realistic Female Humanoid Actroid-F

<img src="" /> We have shown you many <a href="">super-re

Videos: Cybernetic Human Robot HRP-4C Dancing

<img src="" /> </a>We know her as a pretty creepy <a href="

Videos: Group Of French Robots Visiting Japan

<img src="" /> A French company exporting robots (of all things) to Japan? Paris-based <a href="http://www.a

Video: Cybernetic Human Robot HRP-4C Can Now "Sing" Better

<img src="" /> Do you remember the <a href="">HRP-4c</a>, one of the most real

Video: Mini Humanoid "Little Seiko" Navigating an S-shaped Balance Beam

<img src="" /> Yesterday, we showed you "Little Seiko", a pretty awesome unicycling mini humanoid developed by Japan-based <a href="ht

Murata's Awesome Unicycle Robots Get A 2010 Upgrade

<img src="" /> Japan-based electronics company <a href="">Murata</a> caused a splash two years ago with

Videos: Bipedal Robot Vehicle Core

<img src="" /> I'm telling you, Terminators are just around the corner. Just look at what a team of researchers at <a href="http://w

HRP-4: Meet Japan's New And Awesome Humanoid Robot (Video)

<img src="" /> Japan’s <a href="">National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technol

Video: Fujisoft's PALRO Mini Humanoid

<img src="" /> We first covered PALRO (Pal+Robot), a mini humanoid made by Tokyo-based <a href="">Fujiso
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