• Video: Japanese Robot Learns To Clean A Whiteboard

    The Robocalypse is coming closer and closer: a team of researchers from the Italian Institute of Technology and Tokyo City University, led by Dr. Petar Kormushev, has “taught” Fujitsu HOAP-2, a mini humanoid, how to clean a whiteboard. In the amazing video embedded below, you can see a human showing the little guy what to do, followed by him replicating the actions. Read More

  • Video: Humanoid HRP-2 Doesn't Avoid, But Walks Over Obstacle

    Do you remember the impressive and extremely agile humanoid HRP-2 we’ve shown you in December last year? Its makers, a group of researchers working at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, apparently used the last few weeks to teach the robot a new trick. Read More

  • Video: Mini Humanoid PALRO Now Speaks English

    As if mini humanoid PALRO wasn’t awesome enough already, he now can speak English, too. I always thought he was being marketed as a “male” robot, but Tokyo-based maker Fuji Soft gave PALRO a female voice (not that it really matters). Read More

  • Video: Kinect-Controlled Mini Humanoid

    Seems like we will be getting Kinect-controlled robots on a monthly basis from now on. This time, it’s Japan-based Asura Engineering (known for its real-time robot control system V-Sido), which made a pretty cool video of a Kinect-controlled mini humanoid. Read More

  • Video: Household Robot Pours Drinks, Pops Party Poppers

    Japan has many advanced home robots, but this one is a bit different: the so-called THKR-4 has been made by an individual who used just off-the-shelf parts. The humanoid isn’t the most elegant of his kind, but he’s able to perform quite a few rather complicated (for a robot) moves. Read More

  • Videos: Three Super-Quick Mini Humanoids

    One weak point many humanoid robots have in common is that they move too slow, including most super-advanced models. But a robot event, which recently took place in Japan, shows that there are some exceptions. Read More

  • Video: Humanoid HRP-2 Doesn't Avoid Obstacles But Makes Use Of Them

    Usually, one way to determine how sophisticated robots are is to look at how they deal with obstacles standing in their way. Some are able to avoid them, some simply jump over them. But Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has developed a humanoid that can make use of obstacles. Read More

  • Videos: Fujisoft's PALRO Humanoid Has A Memory

    We’ve covered Fujisoft‘s mini humanoid PALRO twice this year already, but the Tokyo-based company keeps updating the little guy. It now not only walks, dances, looks, “listens”, and “speaks” but also “remembers” objects and places it has previously been to. PALRO stands at 40cm, weighs 1.6kg and is equipped with 20 joints, 5 mics, a 3MP camera… Read More

  • Video: Mini Humanoid "KHR-3HV Black"

    Japanese robot maker Kondo today announced [JP] a new mini humanoid, the so-called “KHR-3HV Black”. As the name suggests, this limited edition robot comes in black, which is a very good choice, given how cool the little guy looks. Read More

  • Video: Super-Realistic Humanoid Geminoid-F Stars In A Play

    Hiroshi Ishiguro, one of Japan’s most famous robot makers, caused a splash back in April, when he unveiled Geminoid-F, one of the most realistic humanoids ever. Last month, a variation of the robot, which is named Actroid-F, was shown to the public (Actroid-F is supposed to one day take on the role of a robotic nurse in hospitals). And over the weekend, the android was used as an actress… Read More

  • Video: Wall-Crawling Robots From Japan

    It’s been some tough months for the three humanoids, which Japan showcased at the Shanghai Expo to demonstrate the country’s dominance in robotics. The machines, dubbed Yume Robo, have been climbing up and down a 15-meter wall at the Japanese pavilion every 20 minutes, for the last 184 days. Read More

  • Videos: Super-Realistic Female Humanoid Actroid-F

    We have shown you many super-realistic androids from Japan in the past. But Actroid-F, along with what appears to be her twin sister Geminoid-F, certainly take the cake as far as realism is concerned. Actroid-F made a public showing in Tokyo a few days ago, dressed as a nurse who could work in hospitals as an “observer”. Read More

  • Videos: Cybernetic Human Robot HRP-4C Dancing

    We know her as a pretty creepy cyber-model, a bridezilla, and a singer. And now cybernetic human robot HRP-4C, brain child of Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), has learned how to dance, too. Read More

  • Videos: Group Of French Robots Visiting Japan

    A French company exporting robots (of all things) to Japan? Paris-based Aldebaran has just inked a deal with the University of Tokyo, which will use a total of 30 NAO humanoid robots to teach computer science later this year. Depending on the robot model and specs, each robot is priced at between $1,400 and $17,000. Read More

  • Video: Cybernetic Human Robot HRP-4C Can Now "Sing" Better

    Do you remember the HRP-4c, one of the most realistic humanoids out there? Made by Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, the fembot was so far mostly known as a pretty creepy cyber-model and bridezilla. In December last year, we’ve shown you a video of her trying to sing – and now she’s gotten better at that. Read More

  • Video: Mini Humanoid "Little Seiko" Navigating an S-shaped Balance Beam

    Yesterday, we showed you “Little Seiko”, a pretty awesome unicycling mini humanoid developed by Japan-based Murata. As reported, the new version (the first model appeared 5 years ago) boasts the ability to traverse an S-shaped balance beam without falling over. But yesterday, we could show you just a picture and no video – now we can. Read More

  • Murata's Awesome Unicycle Robots Get A 2010 Upgrade

    Japan-based electronics company Murata caused a splash two years ago with Little Seiko, a a small humanoid robot [JP] that can unicycle forward and backward and is also able to stop without falling over. A male version, Little Seisaku [ENG], with similar skills exists, too. And now, Murata has announced [JP] 2010 updates for the robots. Read More

  • Videos: Bipedal Robot Vehicle Core

    I’m telling you, Terminators are just around the corner. Just look at what a team of researchers at Chiba Institute of Technology (CIT) has developed: a very cool robotic vehicle that stands on two legs. Dubbed core [JP], it’s an impressive 1,915mm tall and weighs 230kg. Read More

  • HRP-4: Meet Japan's New And Awesome Humanoid Robot (Video)

    Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has done it again. After having developed one of the most advanced cybernetic human robots out there (namely the HRP-4C we covered previously), it is now time for the next humanoid. Meet the HRP-4 [JP]. Read More

  • Video: Fujisoft's PALRO Mini Humanoid

    We first covered PALRO (Pal+Robot), a mini humanoid made by Tokyo-based Fujisoft, back in February, and it already received a number of upgrades. Most importantly, buyers can now download dedicated “apps” (dubbed “PAPPS” [JP]) that make the little guy more versatile. A special Twitter client, for example, makes sure PALRO reads out every tweet in your timeline out… Read More