• Klout Would Like Potential Employers To Consider Your Score Before Hiring You. And That’s Stupid.

    Klout Would Like Potential Employers To Consider Your Score Before Hiring You. And That’s Stupid.

    Let’s put it out there right now: I am personally not a fan of Klout, which ranks people based on their Internet interactions and engagement on services like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. I have nothing against the company whatsoever, and this is a vertical that someone was going to get into sooner or later. However, I still feel like the whole concept is bunk. Read More

  • Vanity Kippah: My porn star name

    This is a little kippah with “Don’t you wish your Kippah was hot like mine” written on it. It costs $14.95. Is this what 4000 years of struggle, heartbreak, childbearing, and love has wrought? Read More

  • iPhone! $1,000! Unlocked! Nikon lens!

    Get over to Alibaba because they’ve got all kinds of unlocked iPhones 3G for your purchasing pleasure. They only cost $1,000 each and they’re apparently carrier agnostic, which is great since there really isn’t a software or hardware unlock for the device yet. It even has some specs: * iPhone 3G ORIGINAL from Apple coming soon
    * GPS
    * SMS
    * 8GB
    Read More

  • Keep your iPhone/iPod standing on a tray table… without evil juju

    Well now this is a cute little trick. Ouriel of Le French TechCrunche was futzing around with his iPod when he found that a 1-to-2 prong airline adapter holds up his iPhone like a champ. PHa and I had a hell of a time trying to keep an iPod nano standing on the flight to Germany and this would have helped immensely. iPhone Hack to make it stand still (without touching it of course) [Ouriel] Read More

  • Spice Mobile's optical media disk hands-on

    I just wandered over to the Spice booth to see their weird optical-disk-reading phone. It was pretty clunky and I probably wouldn’t use it, but that won’t stop the rest of the world from giving it a go. A lot of us forget that IP-based media, in the aggregate, is unfairly distributed. Overlay a heat map on the globe and you’d see white hot action in most of Asia, warmish… Read More

  • Second Life Terrorists Attack

    Warren Ellis has written a breathless report from Second Life where horrible little geeks unleashed a terrorist attack on thousands of unsuspecting people who sit in desk chairs for far too long. He describes it thus: Materialising on the Integral Castle grounds, I found myself in the middle of a rain of small boxes, all of which were trying to load themselves into my inventory (where the… Read More