Lego’s official ‘Women of NASA’ set goes on sale November 1

Lego has a new set that originated by a member of its Lego Ideas fan-sourced creation platform: The Women of NASA, a package that includes NASA pioneers Nancy Grace Roman, Margeret Hamilton, Sally Rid

Hubble Contacts raises $7.2 million to deliver disposable lenses direct to consumers

At least 30 million people wear contact lenses in the U.S., but somehow, less than one-third of this population wears daily disposable lenses, which are deemed the most hygienic and healthiest option

NASA captures enormous aurora on the largest planet in the solar system

Days before the Juno spacecraft is scheduled to arrive, astronomers have captured an enormous aurora at the north pole of Jupiter. The imagery, released this week, was taken back on May 19 using NAS

Former Flip Video Execs Launch Hubble, A Private Network For Families

<a target="_blank" href="">Hubble</a>, a new mobile application for private social networking created by the team that developed Flip Video, is launching today to serve as the se

Hubble repairs are complete, time to come home

All is well with the Hubble Telescope. The Atlantis crew completed the delicate repairs and released the satellite back into space.

Top Gun pilot to lead Hubble repair team

<img src="" />Remember in <em>Top Gun</em>, where Maverick flies upside-down to flip the bird at a rival pilot? Well, someone ac

Live: Space Shuttle Atlantis launch at 2:00 Eastern

<img src="" alt="space" />NASA will be live-streaming the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis on the "STS-125" mission that aims to r