Samsung’s new wireless charger has a smart home hub built-in

Or maybe it’s a smart home hub with wireless charging built in. Either way, this is the SmartThings Station, which debuted on stage at CES this afternoon. The hub is a bit of an unsung lynchpin in t

Hub, a productivity platform for technical sales professionals, launches with $1M in funding

Hub, a productivity platform for technical pre-sales, has formally launched with $1 million in seed funding. CEO Freddy Mangum and CTO Karl Gainey founded Hub in 2020. The pair both had experience in

In a challenge to Twitch and YouTube, Facebook adds ‘Gaming’ to its main navigation

Facebook’s gaming efforts and challenge to Twitch are taking another big leap today, as the social network begins the initial rollout of a dedicated Facebook Gaming tab in the main navigation of

Amazon rolls out Hub delivery lockers to apartment buildings across the country

Hub by Amazon has been around for about a year now. The company introduced its package delivery lockers for apartment dwellers with little fanfare, as it no doubt worked out some of the kinks in the p

World's first 4-port USB 3.0 hub is here

<img src="" /> <a href="">USB 3.0</a> is poised to become mainstr

Verizon makes the Hub official Update: pricing info

<img src="">Rumors 'bout the Verizon Hub/One (concept pictured) have been circulating the Internet for ages now but Verizon just made it

Verizon makes the Hub official

Rumors ’bout the Verizon Hub/One (concept pictured) have been circulating the Internet for ages now but Verizon just made it official with what seems to be a February 1st, 2009 launch date. Spec

R2-D2 and Darth Vader USB hubs for Star Wars geeks

In late July, Japanese Star Wars geeks will be able to lay their hands on USB hubs shaped like R2-D2 and a Darth Vader bust. Both hubs stand about 15cm tall. Both the R2-D2 and the Darth Vader bust co

USB hub uses two ports but no external power

This is sort of different, I guess. It’s a $12 USB hub from Brando that doesn’t exactly look like your run-of-the-mill USB hub and, more importantly, doesn’t require any external pow

Medusa HDMI hub: Curiously named, ordinarily equipped

[photopress:medusahdmi.jpg,full,center] The difference between this Medusa HDMI three-port hub and others like it is primarily, if not entirely, size. The former makes due with a square-shaped body, w

Brando Chromatic USB Hub

Don’t you just love multi-colored USB hubs? You do? Really? That’s fantastic because Brando has a chromatic USB hub that not only lets you connect four USB devices, but it also brightens up that d

Belkin Network USB Hub Review

Today we take a look at Belkin’s new Network USB Hub which claims to be the most easily configured wireless USB hub on the market — you could probably also say it’s the only wireless

Belkin Flips for DVI's

Now this is what I’m talking about Belkin! They’ve released some nifty devices lately like their Cooling Stand and the Flip DVI-D is definitely at the top of my list of must-haves. Who kne

Tiny 3-Port USB Hub: Small, Slick

The more gear we get, the more USB ports we need to support them. In a day when most computers sport four or fewer ports of the Universal Serial Bus-type, a good USB hub is a must. We find ourselves l