Belkin Flips for DVI's

Now this is what I’m talking about Belkin! They’ve released some nifty devices lately like their Cooling Stand and the Flip DVI-D is definitely at the top of my list of must-haves. Who knew such a simple device could make life so much easier and clutter free on your desk or work area. The Flip allows you to connect all your peripherals in one cozy little spot. If you’re like my brother and have a laptop as well as a PC, you’ll definitely want one. Have a single display that you want both your laptop and PC to go to without having to unplug one to plug in the other? Get the Flip and switch back and forth with a flick of the button. One easy connection point for your keyboard, meece, speakers and a DVI monitor! Pick one up next month for $149.

Flip [Slashgear]