htc sensation

  • Potentially AT&T-Compatible HTC Sensation Spotted In FCC

    An AT&T-compatible version of the HTC Sensation has been spotted on its way through the FCC by a site called Wireless Goodness. Originally, the Sensation launched as the HTC Pyramid overseas, and was rebranded as the HTC Sensation 4G when T-Mobile landed the device earlier this year. An AT&T version would open up the audience for this device quite a bit, but there’s a chance… Read More

  • HTC Sensation Suffers Through iPhone 4-Esque "Death Grip" Issues

    So remember that one time when you had to hold your iPhone 4 just right or else you lost the signal and dropped your call? Apparently a similar problem has befallen the HTC Sensation: if you hold the phone a certain way, aka “death grip,” the phone loses its signal, its Bluetooth connection, and its Wi-Fi connection, all in one foul swoop. Read More