• How To Use Hot Chicks To Spread Your Brand Message On YouTube

    How To Use Hot Chicks To Spread Your Brand Message On YouTube

    Brands are trying to figure out this whole social marketing thing, but the success stories are still few and far between. “I think everyone is grappling with how to use digital these days,” says Judy Hu, who is in charge of advertising and branding for General Electric. She oversees one of the world’s largest advertising budgets which spans TV, print, and the Web. I spoke… Read More

  • The Ten Most Likely M&A Deals In Online Video

    Which online video companies will get bought in 2010?   Venture capitalists are desperately looking for exits while the usual suspects are sitting on more than $80 billion in cash: Microsoft ($20B), Apple ($40B), Google ($15B), Amazon ($3B), and Yahoo! ($3B) just to name the cash positions of a few potential acquirers.  Theoretically, it should be a match made in heaven, but the sheer number… Read More

  • Two Years After Launch, Howcast Is Streaming 25 Million How-To Videos A Month

    Two years ago, former Googlers Jason Liebman, Daniel Blackman and Sanjay Raman launched Howcast, a site filled with originally-produced how-to videos on everything from “How to Ice Skate” to “How To Deal With a Mean Boss.”  Today, Howcast is streaming 25 million videos a month across its network, which includes its own site, popular channels on YouTube and Hulu, and… Read More

  • How To Use The Web To Change The World

    If you are interested in how to use the Web to create a grassroots political movement, tune in today and tomorrow to the Alliance of Youth Movements Summit, which is being sponsored and livestreamed by Howcast. Right now, James K. Glassman, Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, is talking about How To Build a Movement Against Terrorism and will soon be introducing Oscar… Read More

  • Howcast Aligns With AOL, Metacafe, Bebo, and

    Howcast, the instructional video site founded by three ex-Googlers, today announced that it has formed distribution agreements with AOL, Metacafe, Bebo, and Howcast provides professionally produced instructional videos that range from “How to Make Sushi” to “How To Make a Water Gun Alarm Clock“. Many films come from the site’s Directors Program, which… Read More

  • 5min Releases Embeddable Player That Can Handle Text, Images, and Video

    Instructional video site 5min has released a new beta version of their SmartPlayer, introducing support for text, video, and images that can be merged into a single embeddable flash widget. The site considers the player to be revolutionary, and believes that it will help set 5min apart from their numerous competitors in the instructional video space. The original SmartPlayer gave users… Read More

  • Ex-Googlers Launch Instructional Video Site Howcast, Raise $8 Million A Round

    A New York City startup called Howcast is launching today that wants to be the YouTube of instructional videos. In fact, the three founders—Jason Liebman, Daniel Blackman and Sanjay Raman—are ex-Google employees who worked on Google Video and YouTube before they left eight months ago. They actually are going for a little more polish than YouTube, trying to bring some… Read More