hot dogs

The Apple Watch needs an ‘OK’ button

The Apple Watch needs an action button. Something to allow you to confirm, acknowledge, activate and navigate using a physical press. There’s even a button right there, on the side, waiting for the

The Nik & Michael Show: TechCrunch Reviews a new iPhone killer

<img src="" />Presumably this kills iPhones by baking them to death, but our Nik Cubrilovic and Michael Arrington have decided to review dual

A mesmerizing look at the Hatfield Hotdog Launcher

Wow. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Hatfield Hotdog Launcher that’s brought out in between innings at the Phillies’ games. A lot of work went into getting all the science-y

The internet is a series of tubesteaks being cooked by a Tesla coil

The Nevada Lightning Laboratory made these for Maker Faire, and smartly turned the terrifying viewing in to a picnic lunch by using the power of electricity to zap a couple hot dogs into delicious sub

The $30 device to replace all my cookware

Man-dinga would you look at all them hot dogs? The 4-in-1 Hotdog Maker leverages the wonderment of technology to not only cook what appears to be at least a few days’ worth of nutritious hot dog