The $30 device to replace all my cookware


Man-dinga would you look at all them hot dogs? The 4-in-1 Hotdog Maker leverages the wonderment of technology to not only cook what appears to be at least a few days’ worth of nutritious hot dogs, but also popcorn and hard-boiled eggs to boot.

It’s a hot dog maker, steamer, egg boiler and popcorn maker in one! No fat or oil is required, so it’s a healthier way to cook. Also includes warming spikes for hot dog buns. Plugs into standard outlet.

It’s a healthier way to cook! Did you read that part? Maybe I’ll go on an all hot dog, eggs, and popcorn diet and see how much weight I can drop by Memorial Day.

4 IN 1 HOTDOG MAKER [Spillsbury Specialty Toys] via Nerd Approved