home cinema

  • Buffalo Japan sells very pretty external HDD

    If you ever wanted to watch movies stored on your computer (you know, the ones you legally downloaded from the web earlier) in style, Buffalo might have the right device for you. Their HD-AV2.0TU2 [JP], an external HDD, is currently Japan-only, but the company sells a good number of external storage solutions in other countries, for example the US, too (which means this new HDD might… Read More

  • AQUOS Audio: Sharp Japan announces new home cinema system

    Last weekend, Sharp Japan announced a new home cinema system (kind of), the so-called AQUOS Audio [JP], essentially racks with a built-in speaker system. Sharp is especially aiming at potential buyers who usually don’t have the space to set up full home theater systems. Read More

  • Grand HD cinema: The world's first USB to HDMI converter

    Tokyo-based electronics company Lancerlink [JP] and GRANDTEC ELECTRONIC from Taiwan have jointly developed the Grand HD Cinema, a USB to HDMI converter. According to GRANDTEC, it’s the world’s first device of its kind. Read More

  • Review: Epson Home Cinema 1080 UB

    Last spring I reviewed Epson’s PowerLite Home Cinema 1080 and looking back on that earlier review I was impressed with the quality and price point ($2999) of that unit. This year Epson sent me the new version, the Home Cinema 1080UB. UB stands for Ultra Black and this projector is also priced at $2999. So the question one would ask is: how… Read More

  • DLP powered Sim2 C3X 1080p projector now shipping

    Looking for an ultra high-end 1080p home cinema projector that you won’t want to hide in a cabinet? Well, Sim2 seems to own this category and the latest edition is now shipping and it looks great. I had the opportunity to check them out and see David Lynch in full HD from his home in California (I think). He loves the Sim2 and picked them out of a handful of other high-end projectors. Read More