Grand HD cinema: The world's first USB to HDMI converter


Tokyo-based electronics company Lancerlink [JP] and GRANDTEC ELECTRONIC from Taiwan have jointly developed the Grand HD Cinema, a USB to HDMI converter. According to GRANDTEC, it’s the world’s first device of its kind.

The Grand HD Cinema basically allows users to play media files stored in their PCs on their TVs by transforming USB input into HDMI. Up to six external HDMI screens can be connected that way. The makers promise installation takes just a few seconds.


The device converts video in a resolution of up to 720p and also supports audio signals. It supports Windows machines only (XP and Vista) and requires a Pentium 4 2.4GHz (or better) processor.

The device costs $140 in Lancerlink’s online shop [JP] but is already available outside Japan as well.