Buffalo Japan sells very pretty external HDD


If you ever wanted to watch movies stored on your computer (you know, the ones you legally downloaded from the web earlier) in style, Buffalo might have the right device for you. Their HD-AV2.0TU2 [JP], an external HDD, is currently Japan-only, but the company sells a good number of external storage solutions in other countries, for example the US, too (which means this new HDD might become available there in the future).

The main selling point of the HDD is the nice design. Technically, the device is just another USB 2.0 hard drive that holds 2 TB. In case you wonder: The blue dots indicate how much space is left on the drive (100% on the picture above).

The HD-AV2.0TU2 is already available in Japan where it costs $485 (available in piano black only). Buffalo also offers versions with 1.5TB ($250), 1TB ($190) and 500GB ($150) capacity. The devices are sized at 174×45×158mm.

Via Akihabara News