Epic fail? Blu-ray sales not doing so well

My brother told me that HD DVD died a few months ago because I hadn’t heard or read anything about the format war, but Blu-ray still ain’t doing so hot. And by “doing so hot,”

Toshiba takes 95% loss in profits due to HD DVD failure

The fallout from the now-over Blu-ray vs. HD DVD war is still coming, with Toshiba suffering a 95% loss in profits this quarter, most of it attributed to the failure of HD DVD as the format of choice

Shane Kim, VP Microsoft Game Studios, still

In an interview with Game Daily, Shane Kim professes his love for HD DVD, what MS is doing to ensure the next gen Xbox doesn’t have RROD issues, DRM issues and why they’re not in the marke

Amazon is $50 worth of sorry for your HD-DVD player purchase

Those sports at Amazon understand “new technologies don’t always work out as planned.” Or rather, they don’t work out as Toshiba planned. I have a feeling this is how Sony plan

CrunchArcade: Xbox 360 HD DVD player gets an update

So those of you with the Xbox 360 HD DVD player will be getting an update the next time you watch a flick while you’re logged into Live. The update will add support for network features and cert

Wal*Mart feels bad for you, HD DVD owners

Attention HD DVD purchasers, If you were suckered into getting an HD DVD player from Wal*Mart on or after November 1 then you are entitled to a full refund, I think it’s a full refund, so long a

CrunchDeals: Circuit City discounting HD DVDs by 50%

TG Daily is reporting that Circuit City has begun spring-cleaning on HD DVDs by offering them with discounts up to 50 percent. Can anyone confirm this?

RIP HD DVD promotions group

It’s not like we didn’t see this coming. It’s just now official.

CrunchDeals: Best Buy selling HD DVDs for $10

I haven’t been to my local Best Buy, but it’s being reported that some are clearing out stock or sending them back to publishers. One location in Dublin, CA has discounted all HD DVD movie

CrunchDeals? Get two free HD DVDs when you buy a Blu-ray/HD DVD combo player and two Blu-ray discs

I’ll leave this up to you as to whether or not you consider this a good deal. In light of what retailers like Best Buy and Circuit City are offering to HD DVD refugees, Amazon’s decided to

Innovation: New Blu-ray standard mandates Internet connectivity (like HD DVD had at launch)

[photopress:brdhd.jpg,full,center] Flickr’d Now with HD DVD out of the picture, the Blu-ray camp is free to promote the format’s cutting edge technology, no matter how dull that edge may b

Best Buy will give HD DVD buyers $50 gift card

[photopress:bbuyrebate.jpg,full,center] Flickr’d Best Buy joins Circuit City (and a Japanese retailer) in giving customers who fell for that whole HD DVD scam a little something for their troubl

Toshiba's HD DVD loss not quite $1 billion

Previous rumors indicated that Toshiba would eat a $1 billion loss from the demise of HD DVD, but that seemed to have been exaggerated as Toshi has reported a loss of $653 million. They’re still

'Batman Begins' out on Blu-ray this summer

Two versions of WB’s hit ‘Batman Begins’ will be rereleased this July on Blu-ray. The HD DVD version was released in October of 2006 and Warner held back a Blu-ray version because th

Toshiba eats 100 billion yen on HD DVD demise

Toshiba has posted a profit of 250 billion yen, but it could have tacked on another 50 billion to that total had it not been for the demise of HD DVD. The company was already slated to post a 50 billi

With HD DVD vanquished, Blu-Ray player prices inflate

Let the chiseling begin! I think we all saw this coming: now that Blu-Ray has no competition, the distributors can raise prices back to what they probably should have been in the first place. As you c

Ballmer wants to move on from HD-DVD, support Blu-Ray

I guess he’s a pretty realistic guy. He acknowledges that “the world moves on,” and of course so have the manufacturers and buyers. He says they’ve already been working on driv

Employee claims Circuit City will let you exchange your HD DVD player for Blu-ray

[photopress:ccitybr.jpg,full,center] A little birdie wearing the red of Circuit City whispered into Giz’s ear, saying that the electronics retailer will let consumers exchange their recently pur

Paramount's last HD DVD releases due next week; There Will Be Blood on Blu-ray

[photopress:twbbbr.jpg,full,right] There may be blood, but it won’t be on HD DVD. Paramount clarified earlier reports concerning its upcoming HD DVD release schedule. The final two HD DVD releas

DreamWorks still not giving up on HD DVD

Flickr’d Either DreamWorks is stupid or there are some things going on behind closed doors that no one knows about because there’s really no other explanation as to why they’re still
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