Optical formats; oh how I love thee

There was a time when the CD was the saving grace of the computer and media world. No longer would it take 22 floppy disks to install Windows 95. Oh no, just one magical disk. But as everything digital, things change overtime, and so optical formats are now loathe as the bastard child you wouldn’t dare get rid of, but can’t stand the sight of him nor his loser friends.



LaserDisc – Back in the day of Smurfs and hairy rock, I played Dragons Lair on LaserDisc but still watch Jaws on good ‘ol VHS. I think a garage sale ate my Pioneer deck. 


CDs – Oh, how I love thee. You held my GnR albums all through high school and when I started to try to run with you I learned you skip like a Boy Scout.


Minidisc – I once knew a guy that had a MiniDisc headunit installed in his Buick Riviera. He was a douche. 

SACD – Thanks to a smooth-sounding Eagles album, I could sell you like a corner whore but wouldn’t let you on my equipment rack.


DVD Audio – “SACD is doing so well, there must be a market for a second high-quality media format,” said a now unemployed suit.


DVD – The Matrix was amazing, LOTR was great, but yeah, who buys DVDs anymore?




CBHD – Just a cheap Chinese HD knock-off. It will break in a few months and will probably poison your kid if he licks it.


HD DVD – Oh how I worked for you. I preached your gospel upon high, but now you’re lying on the ground next to me and all I’m left with is this Dixie cup of Kool-aid.


Blu-ray – What do you want from me? You won; I know. I still loathe Sony and your incomplete format.