H-4 visa

TechCrunch+ roundup: Normalizing down rounds, 2023 climate trends, term sheet basics

Everyone gets wet when it rains, but accepting a down round allows founders to keep building their businesses.

Dear Sophie: Do employees have to stop working until they get their EAD?

Can the EAD process be expedited? Do employees have to stop working if they don’t receive their new EAD card before the old one expires?

Dear Sophie: Can I do anything to speed up the EAD renewal process?

I’m on an L-2 visa as a dependent spouse to my husband’s L-1A. My EAD (work permit) is expiring in May. How long is the current process?

Dear Sophie: Now that a judge has paused Trump’s H-1B visa ban, how can I qualify my employees?

We have several new hires waiting for visa interviews outside of the U.S. How can they now qualify to get visas to come to the U.S.?

Dear Sophie: Latest immigration and H-1B updates

Exceptions for new H-1B visas at embassies and consulates around the world will help a lot of tech companies whose employees got stuck outside the U.S.

Dear Sophie: Can I work in the US on a dependent spouse visa?

My spouse’s startup is transferring her to the U.S. to help set up an office there. Will I be able to go with her and work in the U.S.?