• How Do You Connect 10 Million Dumbphone Users To Facebook?

    How Do You Connect 10 Million Dumbphone Users To Facebook?

    As low internet penetration stifled Facebook’s early growth in emerging markets in 2011, Indian startup U2opia developed an SMS-like system for users to post messages and read notifications by navigating through various menus via their keypad. Now, the analogue technology is being used by 10 million mobile subscribers in emerging markets, and boasts a million new sign-ups every month. Read More

  • Sprint To Sell The iPhone 4S With Unlocked MicroSIM Slot

    Sprint To Sell The iPhone 4S With Unlocked MicroSIM Slot

    It’s beginning to look like CDMA iPhone 4S customers may have the edge when it comes to international roaming. Macworld reports that Sprint will be selling their version of the iPhone 4S with an unlocked microSIM card slot right out of the gate. That’s right: no arguing with CSRs and no warranty-voiding unlock procedures. It would seem that since Sprint knows you’re bound… Read More

  • Source: The iPhone 5 Will Indeed Be A Dual-Mode CDMA / GSM ‘World Phone’

    Source: The iPhone 5 Will Indeed Be A Dual-Mode CDMA / GSM ‘World Phone’

    The upcoming iPhone 5 will almost certainly be a single phone that supports multiple networks, namely CDMA (such as the one used by Verizon or Sprint in the United States) as well as GSM (which is used by AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S.). This has been rumored before, and even at one point half confirmed by a Verizon executive, but nothing like some good old evidence from the field to turn… Read More

  • TxtEagle Raises $8.5 Million To Give 2.1 Billion A Voice

    TxtEagle Raises $8.5 Million To Give 2.1 Billion A Voice

    Never mind tablets, smartphones, and mobile-social-location-photo-sharing apps. Heck, never mind computers. The single most important technology of the last half-century, the one that has drastically changed the day-to-day existence of very nearly everyone on Earth, remains the plain old GSM phone; unloved and half-forgotten in NYC and Silicon Valley, but still used by the billion in the rest… Read More

  • Defcon Researcher Creates $1,500 GSM Interceptor

    Defcon, the hacker conference, wrapped up yesterday, and while I spent all day knee-deep in Forumula 1 coverage word got out about a $1,500 cellphone interceptor. The device—it’s more of a mishmash of devices kinda of clunked together than a singular device—exploits weaknesses in the GSM phone standard, and could be used to intercept and record the conversations you have on… Read More

  • 3G GSM crypto hacked

    Bloops. Researchers have figured out how to crack 128-but UMTS 3G technology, thereby putting almost all modern phones in danger. The paper, found here basically describes a 2-hour process and is more a proof-of-concept than anything else. However, it could be used to listen to conversations after the fact. Read More

  • G.S.M. encryption hacked

    Karsten Nohl, a PhD from the University of Virginia, looking dreamy above, has broken A5/1, an algorithm to encrypt G.S.M. cellphone conversation. The hack follows a few steps including the use of a distributed key-gathering sytem to capture and decoding of a number of G.S.M. 64-bit encryption keys, the kind of keys that most cellular operators still use. Read More

  • Get on your party hats: GSM Palm Pre hitting O2 and Movistar

    We’re all quite excited here to find out that O2 and Movistar will get the Palm Pre in GSM form, opening the phone up to unlocking, hacking, and all sorts of molestation. UK, Ireland and Germany will get the phone on O2 and Spain will get it from Movistar. When, you ask? Christmas. That’s right: by the time Palm pinches off the GSM Pre Apple will have probably released iPod… Read More

  • This is why text messages are 160 characters in length

    Fact: the average post card contains less than 150 characters. That little nugget of information is partially why today’s text messages have a 160 character limit. For this, we have a nice German fellow to thank. Read More

  • Straight from AT&T: We're working on reception problems, but it's your fault

    An internal source at AT&T discussed the problems fixed by the 2.0.2 update, explaining, in no uncomplicated terms, that the update controlled the UMTS power control in the phone. Each iPhone requires a small amount of power from the transmitter and that power is requested by the phone itself. If too many phones ask for too much power at once, the transmitter starts shutting down… Read More

  • Rid your iPhone/speaker set-up of the GSM buzz blues

    Nothing kills a freeway Pandora jam session faster than the freaky-deaky alien speak that is GSM interference washing out your tunes. Once the pulsing of a GSM phone’s RF transmitter finds its way to a poorly shielded speaker, all hope of actually enjoying the music is lost. If you’re only using the iPod functionality of your iPhone, switching the phone into airplane mode is… Read More

  • Palm announces unlocked Centro, Google Maps with My Location

    By now you’re all familiar with the Palm Centro, so I’ll save all of you from having to read through a list of specs again. Today, Palm announced that an unlocked GSM version of the dainty smartphone is available on the Palm site for $299. Available for free beginning tomorrow for Palm Centro owners is Google Maps for mobile with My Location, which basically approximates your… Read More

  • SIM cards to get NFC payments soon, but will it be enough?

    [photopress:simcards.jpg,full,center] Subscriber Identity Modules, or SIMs, might be on the verge of extinction. SIMs themselves are getting smarter, now capable of doing far more than hold your cell number and a phonebook of your friends. The problem is that most carriers — especially those in the USA — don’t give a rat’s pooper for the capabilities. That means… Read More

  • GSM carriers band together to piss off R Kelly

    [photopress:rkelly_1.jpg,full,center] If you’re a child porn-loving sicko, your cellphone may soon cease to be your gateway to illicit images, at least if the GSM operators at the MWC in Barcelona have anything to say about it. They’re banding together to block youngster porn on their networks, with the backing of various governments. They’re trying to steer clear of… Read More

  • CG Exclusive: Samsung launches F490, Croix UI phone with touchscreen, sadly Europe-only

    [photopress:F490.jpg,full,center] The uber-hot F490, an Armani-like touchscreen GSM phone with front VGA camera and back 5-megapixel camera just dropped in Europe today for about 500 euros. The F490 has Google Search built-in and uses the Croix UI with haptic feedback and includes a standard 3.5mm jack for audio playback. Expect it on Euro carriers in the next few months and, sadly, not here for… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The Orientation: The differences between GSM and CDMA

    It’s come to my attention that not everyone understands the subtle yet significant differences between GSM and CDMA. We’ve received random e-mails from folks asking how they can get XY phone from AT&T to work on Sprint’s network and it makes me scratch my head. My first instinct is to curse and hit the Spam button, but I slowly realize this individual just doesn’t… Read More

  • AT&T supports any cellphone in the world, is amazing, cures cancer

    Huzzah! After years of keeping its shining light under a bushel, AT&T has finally come out as the biggest, hottest multi-sexual phone carrier in all the world! Have a phone! Use it on AT&T! ConAir! Motorola! GE! An old rotary phone from Grandma’s! Hook it up to AT&Ts wireless network and get calls from Jesus and dead loved ones! That is, if you believe this hype-filled lump… Read More

  • Verizon positioning another CDMA/GSM gender bender

    Phone Scoop has it that Verizon is loading up another CDMA/GSM hybrid phone. The RIZR-esque Motorola has a CDMA radio for domestic, Verizon Wireless yakking, and an unlocked GSM side for international roaming. Go to Spain, get a local SIM, pop it in, you’re golden. If you’re local, you get EV-DO, and no matter what flavor of voice you like you get a 2-Megapixel cam and microSD. No… Read More

  • Western Union building mobile payment service

    Soon, you’ll be able to get money on your mobile phone no matter where your location. The GSM Association is working with Western Union to develop a cross-border money-transfer service that would work in any country with a GSM network. Together, the two companies are building the technology that would allow customers to transfer funs with their mobile phones. Come Q2 of next year, you… Read More

  • Hyundai W100: Is it a watch? Is it a cellphone?

    My Mandarin is a little rusty, which is to say it’s non-existent, but I can tell from the picture that this Hyundai W-100 is a watch. Looking closer, going “beyond the headline,” it seems this watch is one of those oh-so-successfuly watch+other thing hybrids. Here, the other thing is a GSM cellphone, one with a built-in MP3 player, touchscreen of some sort (probably not… Read More