KiteDesk Goes Where Greplin Failed: Aggregates Cloud Services For Search, Discovery & Interoperability

<a target="_blank" href="">KiteDesk</a>, which got its start as an Outlook-like add-on for enterprise users of Google Apps, received a major, more consumer-friendly redesign ah

Greplin Users Have Uploaded 6 Billion Files — And Now They Have In-File Search

Between your Google account(s), Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and whatever other services you're hooked up to, there's a good chance that a lot of the information you need on a daily basis isn't sto

Greplin Releases Must Have iPhone App To Organize Your Life And Avoid Rabid Googlers

It was only a year ago that I first wrote about <a href="">Greplin</a>, the "<a href="">other half of search

Greplin Wants You To Redesign Wikipedia Search

Personal search engine <a href="">Greplin</a> is announcing the launch of its <a href="">Wikipedia Search Design Contest</a> today, with the ultimate objectiv

Greplin: 1.5 Billion Documents Indexed, Six Engineers

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot" alt="" />Late last year we first mentioned Y Combinator startup <a href="">Gre

Greplin's Chrome Extension Now Makes Gmail Search Infinitely Better

<img src="" alt="" />Gmail is arguably the best web-based email client out there, but it's far from perfect. Just navigating your inbox

Search Your Cloud From Your Browser: Greplin Adds a Chrome Extension

<img src="" />In February, we covered the social search service's <a href="

Greplin's Social Search Opens Its Doors To All

<img src='//' class="snap_nopreview shot2" alt="" /><a href="">Greplin</a>, the service that indexes and lets you search all

Greplin Grabs $4 Million From Sequoia For Social Search

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot2" alt="" />This is timely given all the <a href="

Introspectr Searches Your Social Streams

<img src=""> We are inundated with so many social streams that it is easy to forget where exactly we read something. For instance, ther

The Other Half Of Search: Greplin Is A Personal Search Engine For Your Online Life

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot2" alt="" />There's always something cool coming out of Y Combinator, but even so <a href="https://www.