Greplin Releases Must Have iPhone App To Organize Your Life And Avoid Rabid Googlers

It was only a year ago that I first wrote about Greplin, the “other half of search” for you online life. It’s an incredibly useful search engine that indexes your online email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Calendar, Dropbox and other stuff (22 services are currently supported). Greplin is a single search box for all of this, and it’s fast.

Until now, though, you had to use the HTML5 site for mobile use, there was no dedicated application. If you’re an iPhone user, that’s now changed. Android and other users have to wait a bit longer.

Why the need for a dedicated app? 20 year old CEO Daniel Gross says they needed an app to add in their most requested features. The goal is to reduce typing by anticipating what you need – if you open the app on a way to a meeting, Greplin can use your location and the date/time to make an intelligent guess you want an address or phone number relevant to that meeting, and then give it to you.

The Greplin iPhone app’s predictive accumen is impressive. When Gross opened the app in my office yesterday “Arrington” was the top suggested search. The app knew he was having a meeting with me per his calendar and emails, and knew a search for me was likely. After clicking my name there were additional refinements to find a phone number, or my location, etc.

You could do all that in email or calendar anyway, but Greplin makes it so much easier. Instead of opening email on my phone and searching for the name of the person I’m meeting and then scrolling through an email or two to find a phone number or address (and probably getting chastised by a rabid Googler for typing while driving), Greplin just seems to know what I want and put it front and center for a click. It then highlights relevant information from emails as well.

It’s those two features – suggested searches and highlighting – that make the app so easy to use. It’s rare that a new app can get a coveted “must have” spot on my phone, but Greplin is clearly that. Once it’s on Android, that is.

Gross’ original idea for Greplin stemmed from the idea that “people are having more and more information thrown at them and we’re here to make that manageable.” Greplin already does that. Greplin’s iPhone app does it even better. And if it saves the life of even one crazy Googler who jumps in front of your car, it’s worth it.

Greplin has raised just under $5 million from Sequoia Capital, SK Telecom Ventures and angel investors.