Greplin's Social Search Opens Its Doors To All

Greplin, the service that indexes and lets you search all of your online social stuff (Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), has just opened its doors to everyone. Earlier this week we reported on their new financing round from Sequoia Capital, and over the last couple of days they’ve let in everyone on the waitlist. And as of right now, you can use Greplin, too.

Why would you want to use Greplin? Because it lets you search across all of your emails, Facebook data and Twitter stuff with one query. And they haven’t stopped there. You can also authorize Google Apps, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Evernote, Yammer, Salesforce,, Basecamp, Google Voice, Google Reader, Google Contacts and more. And then find stuff in those apps with a single query.

We first covered Greplin, a Y Combinator startup, back in August. They had a limited launch then and revealed a $700,000 angel financing. Not too long after that launch the service began to crash, and Greplin stopped taking new users. They rewrote the entire back end of the service. And what’s most amazing is that the new site, which flies, was created by just a handful of people. They now have five employees, but three of them were hired recently.

There are some really nice touches to the product. Search results are shown before you hit enter, much like Google’s instant search product, and you can also filter by a variety of message types and sources (by people, for example, or Facebook).