Gran Turismo 5

Study: Gamers Aren't Better Drivers Than Non-Gamers (And May Even Be Worse!)

<img src="" />Bad news for people who think they’re great drivers because they play games like <a HREF="

With SSD, Gran Turismo 5 Load Times Are Halved

<img src="" />Fact: if you install <a HREF="">Gran Turismo 5</a> on your PS3's hard drive yo

NPD November: Xbox 360 Outsells Wii, Black Ops Tops Charts

<img src="" />There's two big stories coming out of November's NPD numbers. The first is that Microsoft somehow managed to sell more

Gran Turismo 5 Review Round-up: Yeah It’s Good (But *How* Good?)

<img src="" />You should be able to find Gran Turismo 5 in your local store today. That makes today a good day. (It also doesn’t hurt th

Video: Sony Bloke Shows Off Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition

<img src="" />“Unboxing” videos are often useless tripe. Oh, look, someone's opening a box! Up next, watching paint dry! But I will ma

Gran Turismo 5 To Take Up Over 6GB On PS3 Hard Drive?

<img src="" />We love <em>Gran Turismo 5</em>. So much so we have <a href="">a whole tag

Be Jealous: Someone Already Has Gran Turismo 5

<img src="" />And no, that person is not me, so you can put away your pitchforks.

Gran Turismo 5: November 24. For Real This Time.

<img src="" />Well I'll be… Sony has set a final, honest-to-goodness, release date for <a HREF="

Is Gran Turismo 5 In Danger Of Being Delayed Again?

<img src="" />Will <a HREF="">Gran Turismo 5</a> <i>ever</i> come out? Sony said a few da

Yes: Gran Turismo 5 Has Been Delayed. Again.

<img src="" />Oh, that's a shame. Sony has announced that Gran Turismo 5, its flagship racer that has been in development for approxima

Japan Gets Titanium Blue PS3 And Gran Turismo 5 Bundle

<img src="" /> It was first revealed in 2006, it took Sony years to develop it, but now we finally have a release date (at le

European Signature Edition Of Gran Turismo 5 Has Many Things, Costs Many Euros

<img src="" />Once again, the Europeans get all the fun. Sony Europe just announced the collector’s edition (technically the Signature E

Video: Latest Gran Turismo 5 trailer shows off something called Nascar Hmm, Nascar… it’s a bit too Southern for my latte-drinking, North-eastern tendencies, but if Yamauchi deems it worthy of Gran Turismo! So beho

Video: Gran Turismo 5′s insane “Data Logger Visualization Technology”

<img src="" />So... "Data Logger Visualization Technology." That's a long and uninformative name. Technology that visualizes... data. Dat

Gran Turismo 5 delayed. How does "to be announced" grab you?

<img src="" />Bad news, sports fans: <i>Gran Turismo 5</i> has been delayed. Again. Go ahead and act surprised, I'll give you a few moments.

You might be playing Uncharted 2 on September 30

<img src="" />I love how the word “leak” can apply to anything from Deep Throat to PS3 video game release dates. Such is life.

Gran Turismo 5 at 240fps – why?

Because the human eye has an effective “refresh rate” of around 30 frames per second, there is a certain point at which even major increases or decreases in frames per second will have no

CrunchArcade: Car damage finally coming to "Gran Turismo 5 Prologue"

This is something that’s bothered me from the first time I played GT2, and three titles later it’s finally coming. IGN interviewed Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Gran Turismo, and he finall

F1 making an appearance in GT5

Today is like therapy for me. First, I admit that the iPhone is sort of great and that I want one and now I’m admitting that I want a PS3. Yikes. Well, it certainly helps when Sony has the exclusive

GT5 Prologue dated

I’ll be purchasing a PS3 on April 17 because that’s the day GT5: Prologue is hitting store shelves in the US. You can also download via the PlayStation store, but I haven’t found any
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