• Google Realtime Search Quietly Adds Quora, Gowalla, Others

    Google Realtime Search Quietly Adds Quora, Gowalla, Others

    Google Realtime Search is nothing new. For months it has existed as its own area within the search engine’s navigation to search for things happening in realtime. But up until now, that has meant mainly Twitter (thanks to Google’s data deal with that company). But earlier today, it appears Google flipped the switch to make Realtime Search a lot more useful. Namely, they’ve… Read More

  • Gowalla 3 Launches For Android Today

    Adding existing features like third-party check-in and better photo support, the Austin based company updates the Android version of their location software today. Gowalla co-founder and CEO Josh Williams told me in a quick phone call that he feels like “we’ve created a better experience for our Android app than we even have for the iPhone version.” Strategically, supporting… Read More


    We’re now just over two weeks away from this year’s SXSW event in Austin, Texas. And just as is the case every year, there will be several startups jockeying to be the one that is the breakout hit. But one of those previous breakout hits, Foursquare, isn’t standing still either. In a ridiculously awesome blog post on the matter today, Foursquare hints at their plan for the… Read More

  • Nearing A Million Users, Gowalla Moves Forward On The "Social Atlas" Path

    A few weeks ago, we noted that with a few subtle changes being made to their service, it seemed as if Gowalla was starting to connect the dots on travel. That is to say, it seems like they’re starting to use all the of location information they have in ways beyond simply sharing where your friends are at any given time. Some changes being made today further connect those dots. Gowalla… Read More

  • 2 Years And 10 Million Users Later, Google Latitude Locates The Check-In

    2 Years And 10 Million Users Later, Google Latitude Locates The Check-In

    It was almost exactly two years ago that Google launched Latitude, their location-based service. Two years may not seem like a long time, but it’s “the equivalent of a decade in location services,” Latitude PM Ken Norton jokes. Most importantly, it was just before Foursquare launched to the world at SXSW in 2009. That changed the entire game, literally, as Google CEO… Read More

  • Gowalla Begins Connecting The Dots On Travel

    Now that Facebook has entered the space, Google appears to be ready to take it more seriously, and Foursquare is gaining some real traction, the other players in the location field need to start defining their roles. Of the other players, Gowalla has been doing some interesting stuff around check-in aggregation. But their more interesting play may be around travel. And a small change today… Read More

  • Gowalla Snaps Back: 1 Million Photos …But Foursquare May Hit That In 2 Weeks

    Yesterday morning, Foursquare pushed out a big update to their iPhone app that included the ability to add pictures to check-ins for the first time. This functionality matches the one that rival Gowalla has had for some time now — 9 months, actually. And today, Gowalla hit a milestone with pictures: 1 million. But signs point to Foursquare closing in on that number quickly. Very… Read More

  • Foursquare Checks In Comments And Pictures; Instagram, PicPlz, Foodspotting On Board

    Foursquare Checks In Comments And Pictures; Instagram, PicPlz, Foodspotting On Board

    Earlier this month, location-based service Gowalla went on the offensive against rival Foursquare — by linking up with them. Yes, they created a way for you to use Gowalla to check-in on Foursquare (and Facebook). Why would they do that? Because they said that users told them they felt the Gowalla experience was better, but many of their friends were already using Foursquare. So what… Read More

  • The 5 Myths Of Building A Great Mobile Team

    The 5 Myths Of Building A Great Mobile Team

    Editor’s note: As the Web goes mobile, every Web company needs to build mobile products. Author Elad Gil, director of Geo at Twitter, has a lot of experience in that area. Way before selling his company Mixer Labs to Twitter last year, he kickstarted Google’s mobile efforts back in 2004, when Google’s mobile team “consisted of 1/4 of an engineer dedicated to maintaining… Read More

  • TechCrunchTV After Dark: So Kincaid, Lacy and Dennis Crowley Walk into a Bar…(TCTV)

    There is no reason in the world I should have been invited to a dinner with Foursquare founder and CEO Dennis Crowley. It’s already one of the most written about companies on TechCrunch, and I am the only TechCrunch reporter who has never written a post on them. That’s in part because I am one of the only TechCrunch reporters who has just never been a big Foursquare fan. I get it… Read More

  • Loopt 4.0: Redesigned, Facebook-Heavy, And Location-Based Texting

    Much has already been written about how Loopt was perhaps a bit too early to the location game for their own good. But that doesn’t mean they’re not out there still trying new things to keep their over 4 million users and entice new ones to join. The latest such effort is Loopt 4.0, their latest mobile app. The first thing you’ll notice about Loopt 4.0 is that it has been… Read More

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