Gowalla 4.0, Their Bold Revamp Towards Travel And Stories Goes Live

A couple weeks ago during TechCrunch Disrupt, Gowalla co-founder and CEO Josh Williams took the stage to preview the latest version of his service. And while it is technically called Gowalla 4.0, as Williams showed, it’s really a total revamp away from the check-in space and towards the travel and location-based story space. But as good as Williams and myself may have been at describing it, you should really try it out for yourself. And now you can.

The Gowalla 4.0 apps for iOS and Android have just gone live in their respective stores. The website has also been completely revamped to focus on the new details of the service.

“So I said to myself: Self, let’s launch this thing on Thursday, Sep 22. Because no one else will be doing anything interesting on that day,” Williams joked earlier on Twitter. He’s of courseĀ referringĀ to the massive conference about to take place during which the largest social network in the world is supposed to unveil some “game-changing” stuff. The idea is to release bad news today in the hope that it’s buried, not good news.

But the truth is that Gowalla has been pushing to get the new product out the door. And now here it is.

Update: Williams has more to say in his own post.