good old games Opens A New Indie Developer Portal As It Looks To Broaden Its DRM-Free Games Catalogue

Once upon a time, Good Old Games started life as a way for users to buy vintage games without DRM, trading on the willingness of companies like Ubisoft to offer up back catalogue titles without their

You Are Old Now, Says GOG’s Massive Interplay Games Sale, But That’s Okay

GOG (formerly known as Good Old Games) is having a huge Interplay sale that gives you 32 games for $34.99 (or more), or anywhere between $13.95 and $34.99 for 20 titles, or 8 games for whatever you wa

The Witcher 2 Devs: DRM Does Nothing But Drive People To Piracy

<img src="" />The next big PC game will be The Witcher 2, which should be released on May 12 (and if you're cool like me you will

Good Old Games: Lack Of DRM Makes Acquiring Games Quite Difficult

<img src="" />You really ought to take a few mounts of your day to check out <a HREF="

Good Old Games’ Epic 2010 Holiday Sale Has Begun!

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Good Old Games</a> is having itself a bit of a holiday sale

Good Old Games Gives Out Free Copy Of Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games To Beta Testers, 50 Percent Off Strategy First Games For Everyone

<img src="" />Good news, <a HREF="">Good Old Games</a> users! The company just sent out an e

Good Old Games Re-Launches (But Its Servers Are Overwhelmed)

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Good Old Games</a> has re-launched, but it looks like the site is ha

Good Old Games Not Shutting Down, Re-launches Tomorrow With Baldur's Gate Among New Games

<img src="" />Good news and bad news, folks. The good news: Good Old Games isn't <a HREF="

Good Old Games Forced To Shut Down (For Some Reason)

<img src="" />Well, bad news here. You may already be aware of this, but Good Old Games, also known as GOG, has shut down. A full update

You could be playing Myst or Fallout for $2.99 right now (thanks, Good Old Games!)

<img src="" />Just another friendly heads-up, guys and dolls. Good Old Games, the Web site that sells <i>good, old games</i> (and co

Myst, Riven mad cheap on GoG this weekend

<img src="" />This is just a friendly heads up for all <i>the gamers</i> in the audience. Good Old Games, a video game download service (t

Last day for Fallout bundle on Good Old Games

<img src="" />This is the final boarding call for Good Old Games Flight 1437 with service to <i>Fallout</i>. (Boo.)