You could be playing Myst or Fallout for $2.99 right now (thanks, Good Old Games!)

Just another friendly heads-up, guys and dolls. Good Old Games, the Web site that sells good, old games (and completely DRM-free), has a bit of a sale going on right now that’s surely worth your time. Fallout for $2.99! Myst for $2.99! And more~!

There’s 10 games on sale as part of the Spring 2010 promotion, and if you were to buy all 10 it would cost $39. And these are 10 good games, not 10 pieces of junk. If you were to calculate the value of something like Myst, which takes like 400 hours to finish, it would just be silly. How long did it take you to beat Modern Warfare 2 or Battlefield: Bad Company 2, six or seven hours? And they’re both $60 each!

Value, folks. It’s all about value. Oh, and the iPad. Obviously.