ESPN+ is getting a big price hike

On August 23, the price of ESPN+ will jump from $6.99 to $9.99 per month, and the annual plan is going up from $69.99 to $99.99. The steep 43% increase is the second subscription price hike in a littl

The PGA Tour is bringing live golf courses to your coffee table via Apple’s AR platform

If you thought that televised gold was just about as technologically advanced as it was ever going to be, it’d be understandable, but you’d be oh so wrong. The PGA Tour is showcasing a new

Notch can record your body movements

Notch creators Eszter Ozsvald and Stepan Boltalin have been working on their project since 2013 and are finally ready to unveil their final product on the Disrupt Berlin stage. The company, which rece

Check out these paintings drawn on iPad Pro at the PGA TOUR

Over the last few years the PGA TOUR has gotten more creative about how it keeps fans at home in touch with what’s happening on the course. For example, during last year’s THE PLAYERS Ch

This iPhone-only professional photographer is the future of sports photography

Picture a professional sports photographer. What do you see? Someone in a beige vest hidden behind a giant, telescopic camera stationed in the back of an end zone? How about someone standing in a

Stream the 2016 Masters golf tournament from your iPad

Today Augusta announced the newest iteration of their iPad app for the 2016 Masters Tournament, which offers a live broadcast of all four tournament days. While the app was built from the ground up

Rakuten will test drone delivery on golf course after investing in Japanese drone firm

Japan's Rakuten is joining e-commerce giants Amazon and Alibaba with a foray into drones. The Tokyo-based company, Japan's largest e-commerce firm, revealed this week that it has invested in a done ma

GAME Golf Rolls Out A New Live Golf Shot Tracker

John McGuire had never golfed before, but he had a background in sports psychology and big data. And it was that combination that eventually drove him to start Active Mind Technology, a sports technol

The PGA Tour Gets Its First Over-The-Top Subscription Service

It’s been a good week for cord-cutting sports fans. Word has it that CBS will live stream the Super Bowl commercials for the first time. Disney is considering its options for making ESPN a stand

HTC’s Entry-Level Golf Smartphone Spotted In Leaked Press Image

HTC’s high-end efforts have garnered plenty of love lately (and rightfully so, I think), but devices like the once-mysterious HTC Golf prove that the company isn't through churning out lower-tier ha

Golf Connection: Web-Connected Golf Simulator (Video)

Konami isn't just a video game maker. The company is also in the business of producing amusement machines (mainly for the Japanese market), and recently showcased its newest model: the aptly named <a

U.S. Open Golf Site Draws 518 Percent Increase In Mobile Visitors

<img src=""> Mobile Web usage continues to grow by leaps and <a href="">bo

Chip Shotz Desktop Golf Game: You know it’s fun because there’s a Z in the name

<img src="" alt="" />When it’s winter outside, you can’t play golf! There's not even a close substitute. I mean, what are

Mantys is part motorized scooter, part golf cart, and a pinch of Segway

<img title="mantys" src="" alt="" />Oh I like this very much. Very much indeed. The Mantys (or “MANTYS” as the company shouts) is a p

EA sticking with Tiger Woods for PGA Tour 11 game due out in June

<img src="">After Tiger Woods’ personal indiscretions became public, the championship golfer found himself suddenly devoid of most major

EA Sports conducts survey to see what people think of Tiger Woods

<img src="">EA Sports has been one of the last holdouts to stand by its sponsorship of Tiger Woods, the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series bein

AT&T drops Tiger Woods sponsorship

<img src="">Gotta hand it to Bloomberg for this riveting one-sentence article written by two people. “AT&T Inc. i

Golf Ball Launcher replaces golf clubs, skill

<img src="">The most rewarding and infuriating aspect of golf is that it takes a LOT of time and patience to get good at it. As Am

Video putt putt game is really expensive

<img src="">Putt putt fanatics, start saving up for your own in-home virtual miniature golf arcade game – at $6,900 plus $550 for shi

Behind the scenes look at PGA Tour’s ‘ShotLink’ technology

  Pretty interesting behind the scenes article and video over at Sandbox8 about how the seemingly endless stream of statistical data flows around the course at a PGA Tour event. Most of the data
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