EA Sports conducts survey to see what people think of Tiger Woods


EA Sports has been one of the last holdouts to stand by its sponsorship of Tiger Woods, the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series being one of the company’s more popular franchises. However, a recent survey seems to indicate that EA may be hedging its Tiger-themed bets a bit. One of the survey questions, in particular, is pretty straightforward: “Has the controversy made you more or less likely to buy a Tiger Woods related video game in the future?”

Assuming Woods’ “indefinite leave of absence” from golf is still going on by the time the next PGA Tour game is supposed to come out (June-ish), my theory is that instead of searching for a new cover athlete, EA will simply name the game PGA Tour 11 and make the box art some famous hole on a golf course or something. That’s all well and good for the console versions but let’s not forget that the computer version has gone all-online, all the time and is still named Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online.

If that changes, we’ll know that trouble’s afoot between Tiger and EA.

[via Kotaku]