France’s Dailymotion Finds Stateside Tech Partner In Video Editing Service Givit

In other video news this week, the video editing app Givit has announced its integration with Dailymotion, the second largest social video site globally after YouTube. It is the first U.S. app to be b

Video Editing App Givit Integrates Twitter Sharing, Connects To Dropbox and SkyDrive

So you've got all these crappy videos on your phone. Want to make them watchable? Givit wants to make it easier for users to edit videos on their mobile devices with an iPhone app that lets users stit

Flip To Hand Over Sharing Platform Flipshare To Givit, Users Have 30 Days To Transfer Content

The writing was <a href="">on the wall</a> for Flip, but when Cisco decided to shutter its rather popular Flip video ca