GigaPan "Time Machine" Lets You Zoom In And Out In Space, Time

Here’s a cool little distraction that, while it really just amounts to a window onto a high-resolution video, is at least fun to play with. You’re probably familiar with GigaPan’s gi

The GigaPan Epic Pro is now shipping to eager photographers

<img src="">The <a href="">GigaPan Epi

Next-gen GigaPan system sports new features, better frame

<img src="" />It's no secret, we think that <a href="">GigaPan's products</a> are pretty da

Gigapan releases the DSLR-friendly Epic 100

<img src="">The original <a href="">Gigapan</a> made national headlines by creating <a href="http

The GigaPan robot takes great panoramas

In addition to churning out iPhone haters, Carnegie Mellon University also produces some fine engineers. A group of researchers there has created GigaPan, a little robot thing that creates wonderful p

Gigapan Project Brings Gigapixel Panoramas to the Web

The Web is getting more visually immersive all the time. For a peak at what a gigapixel pannoramic image looks like on the Web check out Gigapan, a project at Carnegie Mellon University. Using a rotat