• GigaPan "Time Machine" Lets You Zoom In And Out In Space, Time

    Here’s a cool little distraction that, while it really just amounts to a window onto a high-resolution video, is at least fun to play with. You’re probably familiar with GigaPan’s giant images — but by combining this with a timelapse feature, they’re able to make these great, zoomable videos. I like the CMU Carnival one — the plants are interesting but… Read More

  • The GigaPan Epic Pro is now shipping to eager photographers

    The GigaPan Epic Pro was the Gigapan we were waiting for it. It’s, well, professionally epic and capable of using nearly any DSLR camera/lens available thanks to its large magnesium chassis. It was originally going to start shipping sometime in April, but apparently something changed because we just got word from the company itself that its available now. Read More

  • Next-gen GigaPan system sports new features, better frame

    It’s no secret, we think that GigaPan’s products are pretty darn cool. The first generation only supported P&S cameras, the second generation worked with SLRs, but not the big boys. The Epic Pro however, not only supports a full size SLR with a heavy lens, it’s significantly more powerful then the ones that have come before. Read More

  • Gigapan releases the DSLR-friendly Epic 100

    The original Gigapan made national headlines by creating a ginormious photo of Obama’s inauguration. However, the device only supported point ‘n shoot cameras, which truely limited the picture quality. Not anymore, kiddies. The new Epic 100 comes with a larger mounting surface for DSLRs and big P&S cams along with other updates that should improve the quality. Read More

  • The GigaPan robot takes great panoramas

    In addition to churning out iPhone haters, Carnegie Mellon University also produces some fine engineers. A group of researchers there has created GigaPan, a little robot thing that creates wonderful panoramas completely on its own with pretty much any standard digital camera. It first takes a number of little digital photos, then stitches them together like any other other desktop program would. Read More

  • Gigapan Project Brings Gigapixel Panoramas to the Web

    The Web is getting more visually immersive all the time. For a peak at what a gigapixel pannoramic image looks like on the Web check out Gigapan, a project at Carnegie Mellon University. Using a rotating stand that it sells for $279, anyone can use their digital camera to take panoramic pictures stitched together from multiple shots. You can zoom in and zoom out with amazing clarity, and… Read More