Gigapan releases the DSLR-friendly Epic 100


The original Gigapan made national headlines by creating a ginormious photo of Obama’s inauguration. However, the device only supported point ‘n shoot cameras, which truely limited the picture quality. Not anymore, kiddies. The new Epic 100 comes with a larger mounting surface for DSLRs and big P&S cams along with other updates that should improve the quality.


The updated¬†backlit display is great, but the most important update on the new model is the adjustable gearing pitch that supports the weight of heavier cameras. It doesn’t seem like you can strap in an heavy Nikon D3x, but most medium to small DSLRs should be fine. Plus, the new model allows for up to nine shots to be taken before the base moves the camera meaning that this thing can produce a massive HDR picture.


Unfortunately the Epic 100 is powered by six AA batteries. Most reviews of the original model pointed out that the batteries were barely sufficient for a P&S so chances are this might be an issue for heavier cameras. Still, the results with a P&S is stellar and this thing is only $450. We can’t wait to see results this time around.

Gigapan via Wired