Next-gen GigaPan system sports new features, better frame

It’s no secret, we think that GigaPan’s products are pretty darn cool. The first generation only supported P&S cameras, the second generation worked with SLRs, but not the big boys. The Epic Pro however, not only supports a full size SLR with a heavy lens, it’s significantly more powerful then the ones that have come before.

So the GigaPan Epic Pro really expands on the capabilities of the Epic. First off, the Pro will support up to 10 pounds of camera (and lens), whereas the Epic 100 would only support up to 3 pounds of gear. This is because the Pro has a magnesium chassis. The Pro will also take up to 20 images per position, vs. the 10 supported by the Epic 100. This will allow you not only to produce the typical GigaPan images, but also HDR images within the GigaPan. The Pro also comes with a rechargeable battery pack, remote trigger port, and adjustments for exposure compensation, aspect ratio, and picture overlap.

Of course, there’s a cost for this level of performance, and the Epic Pro is going to set you back $895 when it’s released next month. Considering how awesome the pictures were from the first version, I’m thinking it’s worth it.

[via Gizmodo]