Ghost In The Shell

I have a lot of feelings about the new ‘Ghost in the Shell’ movie

Ghost in the Shell is one of the best-looking science fiction films in years. Yet, despite how much I enjoyed it, it's hard not to see it as something of a missed opportunity.

Video: Kinect-Powered "Ghost In The Shell" Cyberspace Booth

<img src="" /> And yet another <a href="">Kinect</a> hack: Japan-based web company <a href="ht

Japanese university develops Ghost in the shell-like camouflage technology

[youtube=] Tokyo-based Keio University has developed a cool optical camouflage system that can make a person invisible – almost, a

The Robots Are Working Together

Anybody who watches “Ghost In The Shell” should be acquainted with the implications included with this story. A team of scientists from the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, the Instit