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Google Cloud rolls out new GenAI products for retailers

Google wants to inject a little generative AI into retail. Or to try, at least. To coincide with the National Retail Federation’s annual conference in NYC, Google Cloud today unveiled new GenAI

Luma raises $43M to build AI that crafts 3D models

A couple of years ago, Alex Yu and Amit Jain came together to found a company that’d let people capture objects in 3D using their smartphones — no additional equipment required. At the tim

GenAI could make KYC effectively useless

KYC, or “know your customer,” is a process intended to help financial institutions, fintech startups and banks verify the identity of their customers. Not uncommonly, KYC authentication in

OpenAI’s app store for GPTs will launch next week

OpenAI plans to launch a store for GPTs, custom apps based on its text-generating AI models (e.g. GPT-4), sometime in the coming week. In an email viewed by TechCrunch, OpenAI said that developers bui

AI-powered search engine Perplexity AI, now valued at $520M, raises $73.6M

As search engine incumbents — namely Google — amp up their platforms with GenAI tech, startups are looking to reinvent AI-powered search from the ground up. It might seem like a Sisyphean

GitHub makes Copilot Chat generally available, letting devs ask questions about code

Earlier this year, GitHub rolled out Copilot Chat, a ChatGPT-like programming-centric chatbot for organizations subscribed to Copilot for Business. Copilot Chat more recently came to individual Copil

Giga ML wants to help companies deploy LLMs offline

AI is all the rage — particularly text-generating AI, also known as large language models (think models along the lines of ChatGPT). In one recent survey of ~1,000 enterprise organizations, 67.2