MIT develops tiny ‘walking’ motor that helps more complex robots self-assemble

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that robots of the future will be less “Wall-E” and more “Voltron meets ant swarm” – case in point, this new ambulatory motor create

Jaquet Droz is shipping its mechanical signing machine

Watchmaker Jaquet Droz announced its Signing Machine — a mechanical device that will sign your name for you using a series of miniature gears and springs — in 2014. Four years later, the c

Smaller is better with Samsung’s Gear Sport smartwatch

Samsung’s been in the smartwatch game longer than most. The first Galaxy Gear hit the market way back in 2013, beating out the Apple Watch by 18 months. It doesn’t get nearly as much love (or mark

Old timey roller coasters and new timey virtual reality

Here is an audio version of the below article as how it should be read. (Play it while you read for an extra special experience) The spot was Magic Mountain, California. It was a hot summer day &#8212

Watch This Amazing 3D-Printed Clock Made With A Multi-Toolhead Printer

In the future multi-toolhead robots will harvest our organs and control our reproductive cycles. Until then, they can make amazing clocks! This clock, created by Matt Olczyk, was made using a ZMorph 3

Samsung’s New Gear S Smartwatch Features A Curved Screen And 3G Connectivity

Samsung officially takes the cake when it comes to launching smartwatches: It just announced the Samsung Gear S, its billionth smartwatch device launching this year. The Gear S has a few hallmarks tha

Samsung Is Looking For Some Good Wearable Developers

At Samsung’s MWC Developer Day today, the company introduced several software development kits with the hope of luring developers to its platforms. Among the kits were several aimed at the compa

Make It Sing

Between you and many of the things you use every day, there is a complicated but elegant feedback loop, a physical dialogue, the topic of which is harmony of operation. The relationship that you build

Gift Guide: The Tech-Loving Outdoors Enthusiast

Technology and nature seem in constant conflict, but they can be better together. And tech enthusiasts aren't by default mutually exclusive with people who love the outdoors, which is why we've put to

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Ads Show A Dated Device, Not A Futuristic One

Even Samsung thinks its Galaxy Gear is anachronistic – at least if the commercials are to be believed. New ads for the new Samsung Galaxy Gear that popped up on the company's official YouTube page t

Samsung Reportedly Introducing Galaxy Gear Android Smartphone Wristwatch In September

What's weird about reporting on the potential introduction of smartphone watches is that they actually aren't anything new – every few years it seems some OEM comes up with a wrist-mounted phone tha

Essential Gear for the Outdoor Photographer

Now that winter is drawing to a close in most of the country (it’s still snowing here in the Sierra Nevadas), it’s time to think about getting out and taking more pictures. As a photograph

Kinekt gear ring. It spins!

Quite possibly the coolest ring we’ve seen in a long time. Maybe ever. It might not be as functional as my bottle opener ring, but this gear ring from Kinekt Design will certainly be more entert

Chrome and PBR link up for Limited Edition Citizen PBR messenger bag

What happens when you mix one of the best ‘budget’ beers with the best messenger bag company in the biz? The best messenger bag of all time! That’s right, friends, Chrome is giving away one (or

Nixon Ground Swell surf pack

I’m in the market for a new surf pack and Nixon’s Ground Swell just might fit the bill. It’s only $70 and comes with a waterproof wetsuit pocket that can be accessed via a side zipper. The outer

Chrome Soyuz: hardcore gear for the hardcore nerd

<img src="" alt="" />Unlike Timbuk2 or Manhattan Portage, San Francisco-based Chrome has managed to stick to their core roots without

Gear and its boy

<img src="">It's <a HREF="">Down the Rabbit Hole Day</a>, a da

Best Product Name of CES 2009 Award goes to…

<img src="">The gear these Austrian ladies are selling is pretty cool. It's a bunch of straps and bags for all your gadgets that

CrunchDeals: Quiksilver Opus jacket now half off

<img src="" alt="" />I'd like to think I had something to do with this. Heh. The Opus jacket is now only $200, w

Belkin FlyThru laptop case now available

Joining the TSA Checkpoint-Friendly fray today is Belkin’s FlyThru laptop case. It holds a laptop with a screen up to 15.4-inches and retails for $60. Product Page
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