Fly Or Die: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

We first caught wind of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active back in May before it had been announced.

Ruggedized smartphones aren’t always so tantalizing, but seeing that the Galaxy S4 Active is a variant of the Samsung flagship Galaxy S4, we thought it wise to bring the little guy in for an episode of Fly or Die.┬áThis week’s episode is particularly special, as we’re joined by Engadget’s Brian Heater.

So what do Brian and I think of the waterproof Galaxy S4?

Personally, I find the design language to be a bit loud, and it’s unclear why the rugged version of the phone can’t come in the same standard black and white as opposed to grey, blue and orange. We’re also unsure if the flashy screws on the backside of the device are necessary to keep the phone shockproof and waterproof, or if they’re just to portray ruggedness. If the former, excellent. The latter? Not so much.

On the brighter side, we’re both quite pleased to see a manufacturer ruggedize a hot-selling, full-featured phone as opposed to locking down a mid-range device with bulky armor.

As for waterproof smartphones in the future? Please! Keep them coming!

Two flies.