G.I. Joe

  • Review: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra video game (PS3)

    I’m not sure where to even begin. In the months leading up to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, I made the decision to avoid all trailers for the movie and opt out of all hands on demos of the game. I knew the movie was going to suck, but I had a glimmer of hope that the game might actually turn out OK. Turns out I was wrong. The only Hasbro-licensed video game worth a damn this year is… Read More

  • Friday Discussion: Snake Eyes was a badass and the best G.I. Joe guy, true or false AND WHY

    By corollary, we also believe that Snake Eyes having a mouth in the new G.I. Joe movie is bull. As we were just discussing in our chat room, it was decided that Snake Eyes, according to original GIJ canon, was an American disfigured by an explosion in a helicopter. Read More

  • GI Joe, Watchmen, Star Trek trailers viewed, commented upon positively

    Not Marlon Wayans For those of you who are still interested in seeing the potential train wreck that will be G.I. Joe: The Live Action Film and/or Star Trek and a few other future Oscar winners, we are pleased to inform you that a young man named icaddyforjohnnydrama saw them all and says that GI Joe’s trailer involves toppling the Eiffel Tower, Star Trek looks very fun, and the… Read More

  • Leaked pics of Sienna Miller as the Baroness: I am crying

    I am not optimistic about the new G.I. Joe film. Not at all. There are many things wrong with it; Destro is a skinny guy with no mask, Cobra Commander is a twenty-something, and Duke looks like an Abercrombe model on vacation. As if those reasons aren’t enough, it has Sienna Miller as The Baroness. She’s wrong for the role, but as the movie itself has no merits, I guess it… Read More

  • Exclusive: Destro from the new G.I. Joe film sucks

    You may recall a couple of weeks ago we posted leaked images of the cast of the forthcoming G.I. Joe film in their ridiculous costumes. Today, we have another. The same tipster who sent us the originals gave us this image of Destro. I’m am so disappointed. The only thing good about this movie is that it’s getting made, so that when it’s done they can hopefully do a reboot as… Read More

  • G.I. Joe C&D: Oh no, this is real

    It’s sad, but true. Those leaked pictures of the cast of the G.I. Joe live action are real and the movie looks like it’s going to make us all cry. Who died and made Dennis Quaid Hawk? Hello sir or madam, This is a follow up to a DMCA notice that was sent to you regarding unauthorized use of copyrighted images on your site. The images used in the story conatined within the URL… Read More

  • Leaked: Photos of the cast of the new G.I. Joe film in costume!

    What you see above you is a leaked photo of Dennis Quaid as General Hawk from the forthcoming G.I. Joe movie, and I must say, he looks very much like the Flint of my youth, but he’s General Hawk. It got me pretty excited. We’d seen Snake-eyes before, and he’s badass indeed. Then I saw Marlon Wayans as Ripcord and Rachel Nichols as Scarlet, and I got really excited, they… Read More

  • Exclusive first look: Snake-Eyes from the forthcoming G.I. Joe movie!

    [photopress:joemovsnake_eyes.jpg,full,center] I’ve been dreading this movie since I first heard of it, but something about this leaked image of Snake-Eyes makes me think it’ll be alright. I mean, look at him. That’s Snake-Eyes. When I got this in my inbox, I knew who it was before I read the email. This is Snake-Eyes. This is awesome, please don’t let them muck it… Read More