GI Joe, Watchmen, Star Trek trailers viewed, commented upon positively

Not Marlon Wayans

For those of you who are still interested in seeing the potential train wreck that will be G.I. Joe: The Live Action Film and/or Star Trek and a few other future Oscar winners, we are pleased to inform you that a young man named icaddyforjohnnydrama saw them all and says that GI Joe’s trailer involves toppling the Eiffel Tower, Star Trek looks very fun, and the Watchmen looks pretty damn cool.

GI Joe – we saw a number of unfinished scenes including introductions to Duke, The Baroness and Snake Eyes. We also saw a computer generating scene which acted as a story board for the eventual filming. There was a scene where the baroness comes home to France and we got to see the mansion, another scene where a member of GI Joe is captured by COBRA, Chris Eccleston and Arnold Voslo both look on form. Finally we saw a scene which involves a MASSIVE car chase and the eventually toppling of the Eiffel Tower. The film itself look like typical Steven Sommers schtik, massively enjoyable, Sienna Miller looks amazing but I do not think it will fare well with critics, action is very stylised from the scenes I saw, the character development is terrible, Marlon Wayans in particular looked bad!!

Bad as in bad or bad as in badass? The world will never know.