Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 gets upgraded chip, thinner body and $1,800 price

The foldable market has changed dramatically since the beginning of 2019. For starters, there actually is a foldables market to speak of. There was plenty of skepticism around the form factor in the p

Fold Health streamlines admin work for primary care providers

Abhijit Gupta and Ram Sahasranam have plenty of experience in the health tech space, having sold their first startup, health app maker Praxify, to Athenahealth. Now the duo are focused on value-based

Google’s $1,799 Pixel Fold arrives in late June

Google long ago abandoned the pretense of surprise about the Pixel line. There’s an extent to which you can point the finger at the hardware rumor industrial complex. But at the end of the day, the

Google might announce a foldable Pixel next month

Consumer hardware isn’t always a foregone conclusion for I/O. In fact, after the last few pandemic events, nothing much feels like a foregone conclusion these days. After what felt like a universall

Is the Samsung Galaxy Fold a bad omen for foldables?

I wrote a lot about the Galaxy Fold here. After a week with the device, I was left with mixed feelings independent of the whole ongoing display saga. The TLDR; of it is the story of a first-generation

Nokia drops a trio of mid-range, slick phones

Three new phones to Nokia today, including two that are apparently a variant on the same model. The 6600 Fold is similar to the 6600 Slide, except that it’s a clamshell instead of a slider, as t

Centerfold Guitar Folds in Half and Doesn't Even Need to be Retuned

This Centerfold guitar, they want us to know, is the world’s first guitar that folds in half for easy transport. It takes just 20 seconds to go from musical instrument to compact, everyday blunt