Google Acquires YC-Backed Flutter, A Gesture Recognition Technology Startup, For Around $40M

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.google.com">Google's</a> Glass, Android and other products may soon be picking up more Kinect-style gesture features: the company has bought <a target="_blank" href

Flutter Is A Wireless Platform For Arduino-Based Projects To Network Over Wi-Fi-Busting Distances

Getting Arduino-powered devices to talk to each other over long distances is going to get cheaper and easier if this Kickstarter project flies. Flutter is a wireless development platform for Arduino w

Flutter: The YC Startup That Wants To Put The World’s Webcams To Good Use

Say you're sitting at your laptop, listening to music while responding to emails, writing code, or reading blogs. Then your phone rings, and the typical scramble ensues: You minimize your browser, max