• Video: Fujitsu Shows Next-Generation Color E-Paper

    Electronic paper has come a long way, but displaying content in color in a way that makes sense (refresh rate, resolution etc.) is still a problem. One of the bigger companies working on color e-papers is Fujitsu whose FLEPia is among the most advanced devices out there. The FLEPia went through several iterations since its launch in 2007, and now Fujitsu has showcased the latest version last… Read More

  • FLEPia Lite: Fujitsu Shows New Color E-Book Reader (Video)

    When Amazon introduced the Kindle in 2007, Fujitsu started showcasing the first version of its own e-book reader, the so-called FLEPia. Back then, Fujitsu marketed the FLEPia as the world’s first such device displaying pages in color. We covered the device a few times until it actually went on sale in Japan with a $1,200 price tag [JP] last year. Read More

  • Ricoh develops extra-vivid color e-paper through using copier technology

    The Kindle 2 is hot in the US, but in Japan color e-paper is the major topic in the blogosphere. The black and white Sony e-reader was a gigantic flop and Amazon Japan hasn’t said yet if it will sell the Kindle here in Nippon. Fujitsu will attempt to fill the void by offering its FLEPia color e-book (pictured) next month, but now Ricoh claims it has developed a technology that makes… Read More

  • FLEPia: Fujitsu's "Kindle killer" gets a release date and high price in Japan

    Pictures and rumors of FLEPia, a color ebook mady by Fujitsu, have been floating around the web for around 2 years now. Last October, we saw a working prototype during the CEATEC electronics exhibition in Chiba, Japan and were impressed. Today, half a year later, Fujitsu announced the release date in Japan and price for the device (press release in English). And it turns out to be a very… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Fujitsu presents Kindle "killer" Flepia (video)

    Fujitsu‘s booth at this year’s CEATEC is not really the most spectacular one but they are showcasing their Amazon Kindle competitor FLEPIa, an e-reader, which uses color e-paper. It looks awesome. I blogged about the FLEPIa before, but the video above should give you a better idea on how good the display really is. The picture above shows the… Read More

  • Fujitsu to commercialize e-reader with color e-paper in the fall

    Fujitsu Frontech, Tokyo-based subsidiary of the Fujitsu group, plans to sell its FLEPia, an e-reader using color e-paper, to mass consumers this fall. The exact launch date is yet unknown. According to Japan’s leading business newspaper Nikkei [registration required], Fujitsu will initially offer the A4 version only (210×304×12mm). They didn’t say if the A5 device will… Read More