Fujitsu to commercialize e-reader with color e-paper in the fall

Fujitsu Frontech, Tokyo-based subsidiary of the Fujitsu group, plans to sell its FLEPia, an e-reader using color e-paper, to mass consumers this fall. The exact launch date is yet unknown.

According to Japan’s leading business newspaper Nikkei [registration required], Fujitsu will initially offer the A4 version only (210×304×12mm). They didn’t say if the A5 device will follow.

The FLEPia will not come with a backlight and Fujitsu claims one battery charge is enough to operate it for 50 hours. The device will be able to wirelessly download and store data from PCs and cell phones.

The company charged $25,000 for the A4 reader when they shipped a handful of units back in April 2007 [JP]. According to the Nikkei, the FLEPia to be introduced in the fall will cost $940. However, exact specifications, colors available and other details are unclear as of now. There is also no word from Fujitsu on when and if the company will offer the e-reader outside Japan as well.