flash drives

  • AMP FLIP USB Flash Drive Announced

    Active Media Products, or AMP, have made some interesting flash drives in the past. This time it’s no different, just more flip and less change. The FLIP is an easy to carry 4 or 8GB USB flash drive. Right at the top is a hinge for it to pivot open, so when it’s closed it’s well protected. The FLIP is said to be compatible with USB 3.0, 2.0 and 1.1 and work both on Mac and… Read More

  • These USB flash drive cufflinks are a must have accessory

    Picture this: You walk into a job interview well dressed sporting these cuff links. The interviewer will likely ask for your resume first thing. So *BAM* you whip your wrist around front and just like James Bond, pull apart your cuff links revealing the hidden flash drive loaded with your resume and funny pictures of cute kitties. It’s a sure fire way to land any job — or lady. Read More

  • Corsair announces really small flash drives

    Corsair just announced the latest in their line of USB drives, the Flash Voyager Mini. Smaller then a quarter, the mini is just the right size to lose when you really need them, and come sizes ranging from 4 to 32 GB. Read More

  • Convergence! Fancy lighter packs an 8GB USB drive, costs $35

    If you’re dedicated to smoking or camping (or smoking while camping), then there’s a good chance you’ve purchased a nice refillable metal lighter in the past. But the past is the past and sooner or later you’ll need to step into the future (which, coincidentally, will almost immediately become the past). Whatever happens, please take with you the knowledge that there… Read More

  • Star Wars USB flash drives now available in Darth Vader, Ewok, and C-3PO flavors

    Look at these big-head Star Wars USB flash drives! They’re adorable. Ewoks were always adorable, and C-3PO had a certain lovable charm but now even Darth Vader’s getting in on the fun. He’ll lull you into a false sense of security and then do that thing where he chokes you from across the room without actually touching you. Read More

  • 32GB on your keychain, and it's even water resistant

    These little Super Talent drives are truly small – a little longer than a quarter is wide, and about about 75¢ tall. But the buggers have just been expanded to hold 32GB of data, and they won’t get hurt by water to boot! My Corsair Survivor is practically waterproof as well, but these Super Talent ones are smaller and cheaper. No word on whether they’re velociraptor-resistant. Read More

  • Otherwise delicious-looking hamburger flash drive ruined by weird product image

    Please witness an 8GB flash drive in the form of a hamburger. It costs about $28, looks delicious, and is available from Chinavasion. Pretty straightforward so far, no? Read More

  • Buffalo Thumbkey flash drives upped to 16GB

    Who doesn’t love the Buffalo Thumbkey Flash Drives? They are so small that they fit snuggly into a USB port with only a little stub sticking out. They’re great. Well, the flash drives just got better now that Buffalo is producing these in 16GB sizes. They should be the perfect companion for a netbook, UMPC, or even a standard notebook. We just wish they wouldn’t have a… Read More

  • Why should there not be Star Trek PEZ flash drives?

    Take your Star Trek fandom to the next level with these custom made Star Trek PEZ…USB drives. You know you want them. Your two friends would be so jealous. 2GB drive for only $25. Read More

  • Worlds Collide: USB flash drive is also an MP3 player

    Behold a USB flash drive that also doubles as a simple MP3 player. You supply your own microSD card, actually, so maybe think of this as a $16 memory-less MP3 player that doubles as a USB flash drive. Read More

  • A bunch of random flash drives

    Got a DIY itche like I do? Need some inspiration? You may wanna check out these 35 creative USB flash drives for some creative juice. Some can be constructed with nothing more than a Dremel and super glue. Read More

  • The transforming Ravage flash drive has more than meets the eye

    Transformers! There is more than meets the eye. Flash drives in disguise. Transformers. Read More

  • LEGO! Flash Drives!

    Some geeks are extremely obsessed with LEGO. You know who you are. We’re not showing these homemade LEGO flash drives for you. Oh no, we’re not supporting your addiction. This post is for the rest of us who enjoy a well-built LEGO creation, but don’t lose girlfriends over the damn blocks. Read More

  • SanDisk announces push button backup flash drive. Hold me back!

    SanDisk announced today that they are creating a USB thumb drive based backup system, where you essentially plug the drive into your computer, and then push the button. The drive will then magically back up your files using their new software. Sounds like a good option for mom and dad… or baby. Read More

  • OCZ adds eSATA in Throttle flash drives for quicker pr0n transfers

    USB 2.0 was great a few years ago when flash drives were measured in megabytes but now that they are reaching double-digit gigabytes, the interface can be a tad slow. OCZ understands that and hooked its latest flash drive up with eSATA for the main interface. Thanks to eSATA, the Throttle can read at 90MB per second and write at 30MB. That speed is fast enough to playback HD material, according… Read More

  • 'fix' USB drive with passive port cover

    The problem with USB flash drives is the damn cover. It’s impossible not to lose and the slider covers seem so janky but this design solves everything. Just look at it. Brilliant! The silicon cover naturally expands and covers the male plug when it’s not in the computer. To bad it’s just a concept so until it hits the market, I’ll stick with my wooden thumb drives. Read More

  • Han Solo frozen-in-carbonite USB flash drive

    Over on Etsy.com’s handmade marketplace, you’ll find a USB flash drive of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite. And, yes, it’s sold out. But since everything on Etsy is sold directly by the creators, there’s a good chance that we might see another slow rollout of these handmade drives. When they were in stock, the 1GB Han drives sold for $25. Han Solo Carbonite USB Flash… Read More

  • U.S. military bans flash drives to prevent spread of worm

    The military, in an effort to stop the spread of a destructive worm, has banned the use of flash drives, CDs and other media by its personnel. The ban applies to computers connected two Department of Defense networks, the non-secure NIPRNet and the secure SIPRNet. The worm, Agent.biz, is spread by the use of flash drives and the like. Once a computer has been infected, the worm fetches code… Read More

  • SanDisk and Veoh team up on U3-enabled flash drives

    Owners of the SanDisk Cruzer line of flash drives might be interested to learn that its now possible to launch the Veoh Web Player directly from the U3 interface that pops up when the drive is inserted into a USB port. You can use the Veoh software to schedule and download various types of web video directly to your Cruzer drive to create and ever-changing, on-the-go content library. The… Read More

  • Lighter doubles as an 8GB flash drive

    Here’s the perfect complement to the USB flash drive with built-in bottle opener we told you about a few weeks ago. It’s a Zippo-style lighter with 8GB of storage and a USB connection — because you can never have lighter fluid too close to your computer. It costs $60, which might seem a bit steep, but if you’re still smoking in this day and age, you’ve no… Read More