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Would you pay $50 for an 8GB flash drive in 2008?

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a garish, Swarovski crystal-encrusted anything, much less a USB thumb drive, the Transcend JetFlash V85C. Our cup runneth over! But seriously, there&

TrekStor creates a thumb drive that you might actually keep in your pocket

Hot on the heels of our back to school week comes one of the most seemingly indispensable storage devices to date: The TrekStor USB stick with built-in bottle opener. Let’s face it, there have been

CrunchDeals: 16GB thumb drive for $30 after rebate

Here’s the 16GB Flash Voyager from Corsair – regular price: $64.99. Then you get a $30 mail-in rebate, bringing the price down to $34.99. Then, according to the fine folks at FatWallet.com, you ca

32 GB flash coming from Toshiba by Christmas

Toshiba is prepared to roll out their latest and greatest NAND flash chips produced with the 43-nanometer process. These 32GB drives should hit the production lines in the fourth quarter after samples

Plankton wants to stick a nail in your USB drive

I thought I’d seen everything when I saw a website dedicated to selling shirts with bacon on them. However, I was proven wrong when I saw a website dedicated to selling a USB flash drive in the

Review: High Speed USB thumbdrive cage match

You may have seen our review of the Kingston DataTraveler HyperX high-speed thumbdrive. If so, you’ll remember how it proved itself far superior to the peasant drives I put it up against. Well,

SanDisk Contour: Form Meets Function?

Not quite. While the SanDisk Contour is without a doubt the sexiest looking flash drive that I’ve ever seen, the device is suffering from one major disparaging oversight.

Memorex M-Flyer Pilot Gets Refreshed, Still A USB Drive

My favorite part of the M-Flyer Pilot—part of Memorex’s TravelDrive line of USB flash drives—is that its USB connector is retractable. In fact, that’s its most exciting feature, though it

Memorex's TravelDrive 2007 Flashy Flash Drives Add Flash To Your Flash Drive Options

With flash memory prices dropping faster than Apple stock after a fake iPhone delay (I swear it’s the last time I’ll mention it), manufacturers of USB thumb drives have to do something to

Corsair's Premium Flash Voyager GT USB Drives Go Really Fast

Corsair announced an update today to its Flash Voyager line of USB drives by adding a “GT” to the end of the name and changing the color from blue to red. Oh, and the company hand picks th

Lexar Shipping Jumpdrive Mercury

Back in Nov. Josh conducted a glowing review of Lexar’s new Jumpdrive Mercury. The company announced today that the drive is now shipping. The Mercury offers a bevy of features, including an ext

Mini Cube Holds 12GB

OK, so it’s not really a cube at all, but it is square and it does manage to contain 12GB. It measures about 1.7 x 1.9-inches wide and less than half an inch thick and it features a USB jack tha

Corsair's 16 Gigs Of Rubberized Water-Resistant Flash Drive Fun

I don’t like to brag, but I’ve got a fairly large collection of USB flash drives. (I know you’re jealous.) Sometimes I like to dump the whole lot of them on my bed and roll around in

Kanguru Bio Slider II

Kanguru has released a new flash drive that includes biometrics. The Bio Slider II comes in capacities ranging from 256MB up to 4GB and features fingerprint recognition. To activate, simply plug in th

Super Talent Launches Solid-State IDE Drives

With standard consumer hard drive disk sizes quickly approaching 1TB for a single drive, this 16GB Flash-based drive (with a street price of about $500) from memory manufacturer Super Talent is puny.