SanDisk and Veoh team up on U3-enabled flash drives


Owners of the SanDisk Cruzer line of flash drives might be interested to learn that its now possible to launch the Veoh Web Player directly from the U3 interface that pops up when the drive is inserted into a USB port. You can use the Veoh software to schedule and download various types of web video directly to your Cruzer drive to create and ever-changing, on-the-go content library.

The Veoh feature will be available on new Cruzer flash drives and can also be installed separately onto existing Cruzer drives by going to and downloading an update. Full press release after the jump.

SanDisk and Veoh Networks Launch Portable Video Web Player for SanDisk Cruzer® USB Flash Drives

The Veoh™ Web Player for SanDisk Enables Portable and Secure Video Consumption on Any PC

MILPITAS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK) and Veoh Networks Inc. ( today announced the availability of the Veoh™ Web Player for SanDisk, a portable video player that is initially available only on SanDisk® Cruzer® USB flash drives. The Veoh Web Player for SanDisk, allows on-the-go viewers to browse, search, and enjoy millions of videos available through on any computer1at any time – including TV shows, movies, web series and popular independently-produced content from all over the Web.

The Veoh Web Player combined with SanDisk Cruzer USB flash drives provides users with a broad selection of video content on and the power of a peer-to-peer client in a single portable and password-protected application. With the Veoh Web Player’s Library and Import features, users can easily manage their personal video collection, both online and offline. When permitted by the publisher, users can schedule downloads of videos to their library to watch later or at another location. U3™ Smart technology, which was developed by SanDisk, allows applications to run from a SanDisk Cruzer USB flash drive, without having to be installed on a computer.

The Veoh Web Player and SanDisk Cruzer USB flash drive offer enhanced security features as well. Password protection on SanDisk Cruzer USB flash drives prevent unauthorized access to personal video files in case the drive is lost or stolen. And since U3 Smart technology doesn’t require a separate video application to be installed, users can enjoy video content without leaving any traces on the host PC.

“The Veoh Web Player is a perfect companion for SanDisk’s Cruzer USB flash drives because our customers often want to watch videos when they’re away from home and it often isn’t possible to install software on the computer itself,” said Yaniv Lavi, Director of Product Marketing for the consumer retail business unit at SanDisk. “Our SanDisk Cruzer USB Drives are ideal for watching and downloading videos because they come in capacities of up to 16GB2, are technologically capable of streaming high definition content and come equipped with security features that help protect user privacy.”

“SanDisk’s reputation for innovation in flash storage devices and portable applications makes them the ideal distribution partner to make Veoh’s extensive Internet video services more portable for our viewers,” said Joshua Metzger, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for Veoh Networks. “SanDisk Cruzer USB flash drives are ideal for video and users. This partnership puts Veoh in their pocket – so videos are ready to enjoy whenever and wherever they plug in.”

Users who previously purchased SanDisk Cruzer® USB flash drives can download the Veoh Web Player onto their drives for free by or by accessing the SanDisk Cruzer Program Wizard of the U3 Launch pad. More information on U3 is available