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Starling’s results are more proof that high interest rates could be a boon for fintech

High interest rates helped the UK's Starling post stellar revenue gains, and it appears its kin across the world could enjoy similar benefits too.

We’re close to peak pessimism around fintech

Given what's happening, it's hard to summon the courage to argue that we are close to seeing fintech valuations bottoming out or even rebound.

For fintechs in 2022, the bigger the exit, the larger the decline in value

"We're really only beginning to see the ripple effects in the private markets of the 72% drop in valuations we saw in the public markets.”

As a Stripe investor cuts the value of its stake, more evidence of fintech valuation pressure

Stripe is one of the most valuable companies in the fintech game, period, and an obvious bellwether for the fintech startup market.