financial crisis

Tips, tactics and cashflow strategies for startup survival during a crisis

We’re in unprecedented times and are likely at the beginning of a long journey back to normal  —  whatever the new "normal" turns out to be.

Can Fintech Fix Financial Services?

A review of the new Michael Lewis movie The Big Short describes a scene during the 2008 financial crisis in which renters were “kicked out of their homes because their landlord didn’t pay the mort

HP announces 4Q profits, and the news is good

<img src="" />In financial news, HP delivered something positive today. The fourth quarter has been a good one, with HP reporting a ne

Credit crunch, schmredit crunch:Saw video game cancelled

At least one good thing has come as a result of the current financial meltdown. A video game that was based on the movie Saw has been put on hold, with publisher Brash Entertainment pulling the plug.