Atrium, Justin Kan’s legal tech startup, launches a fintech and blockchain division

Atrium, the legal startup co-founded by Justin Kan of Twitch fame, is jumping into the blockchain space today. The company has raised plenty of money — including $65 million from a16z last Septe

Final: One credit card account to rule them all

A startup called Final wants to change the way people use credit cards -- or rather, the company wants to change the credit card industry to fit consumers' lifestyles. With a 1% cash-back bonus and n

Final is a plaster on the gaping wound that is U.S. credit card security

Credit card fraud is a big problem, with an increasing number of companies launching products to patch the problems. The most recent example is Final, which today announced it is shipping its first co

YC-Backed Final Raises A Million For Its Fraud-Fighting Credit Card

Credit card startup Final, which is focused on combating fraud online and off while giving consumers more control over their spending, has raised $1 million in seed funding from investors including L