Fin Robotics

Fin, A Remote-Control Bluetooth Ring, Finally Launches As Neyya

Get ready for yet another wearable... Neyya, a Bluetooth ring designed for remote-controlling other mobile devices, is finally launching today after a lengthy post-crowdfunding delay and a substantial

UPDATED: Fin, The Bluetooth Ring That Turns Your Hand Into A Wireless Controller, Hits Its Funding Goal

Back at CES in January, TechCrunch met Fin, the Bluetooth ring that went on to become one of our Hardware Battlefield finalists. Fin, which turns your hand into a wireless controller for smartphones,

The Fin Is A Bluetooth Ring That Turns Your Hand Into An Interface

Smart glasses! Smart watches! Smart… rings? While many in the tech world would agree that wearable devices are the natural next stage of computing, no one has really cracked the code. As much as we

Meet The 2014 Hardware Battlefield Entrants

We're pleased to announce the <a href="">2014 Hardware Battlefield finalists,</a> a group of international hardware startups from eleven countri