Yik Yak shuts down after Square paid $1 million for its engineers

Yik Yak co-founders Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington published a farewell note to users on Friday, announcing they would shut down their once-popular anonymous social network this week. The app allow

Crunch Report | GoPro Seriously Botches Earnings

GoPro's earnings report is pretty bad, Yelp to lay off 4% of workforce, YouTube upgrades its comments system, Ford has ideas for last-mile tech and the Obama administration looks to create 48 national

After Week-Long My Cloud Outage, Western Digital Is Making A Case For Dropbox, Box

Western Digital brags that the its My Cloud product and service will allow owners to "Save everything. Access anywhere". Except when the service is down. Which it has been for almost a week.

Why Startups Fail: A Postmortem For Flud, The Social Newsreader

In late July, news broke that Flud, the social news reader for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, was headed to the deadpool. Startup failure is an all-too familiar, even cliche, story in Silicon Valley.

You’re Doing It Wrong, BlackBerry

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins <a target="_blank" href="">recently confirmed with CNET</a> that

Blake Griffin Demos The Upcoming Vizio Android Tablet

<img src="">Blake Griffin, previously known for dunking over midsize Korean sedans and playing for LA's other NBA team, just posted to his

I hate computers: confessions of a sysadmin

I often wonder if plumbers reach a point in their career, after cleaning clogged drain after clogged drain, that they begin to hate plumbing. They hate pipes. They hate plumber’s putty. They hat

Lord of the Rings Blu-ray trilogy on track for April release, but don't buy it

Too bad the upcoming $99 Blu-ray release is just the theatrical edition and not the extended-cut version. It’s not even worth the $69 price Amazon has it set at for pre-order as you know the ot

Samsung dual screen camera big bucket of fail

<img src="">Bad news people, the Samsung TL225 camera that was released <a href="

Another Windows 7 launch party in Japan, another touchscreen failure

<img src="" />Judging from this video, the Windows 7 launch in Japan was certainly more, shall we say, flamboyant then the launch here in

RubyOnRails XSS Vulnerability Claims Twitter, Basecamp And My Confidence

It was only three days ago that I wrote about the almost hopeless challenge of web security, specifically around new vectors with cross-site scripting attacks. Today came news that an XSS vulnerabilit

Gmail Now Really Down – Can I Get My Email Back Please (Update: Its Back)

We wrote this morning about Gmail suffering some turbulence, but it appears now that it has completely crashed and disappeared. Both Apps For Domain and the usual consumer Gmail service are down compl

Video: Judge Judy, "What is rocket science?"

<img src="">Oh, Judge Judy. I credit you with more laughs per half an hour than any other TV show. Your wit is quick, humor dry, and

Fail: Indian W2M satellite

W2M, the first satellite to come out of a European/Indian joint venture signed in February 2006, was launched on December 20 for Paris-based Eutelsat. On the evening of January 22, a major malfunction

Linux keeps dying

<img src="" />Hey guys! Guess what! It's another post about how Windows is kicking the crap out of Linux! Robin Harris over at Z

Yet another Comcast FAIL post

<img src=""> We've all had bad experiences with <a href="">Comcast</a> but hopefully no one'

Seagate's warranty policy is poo; at least according to an online tech [Update]

When will companies learn that if you treat people badly, it will appear all over the Internet? According to this chat transcript between a Seagate hard drive owner and an online tech, Seagate has an

Third SpaceX attempt fails; Scotty just can’t get beamed up

Last night the Falcon 1 two stage rocket by private company SpaceX failed 2 minutes after launch. The “picture perfect” stage 1 launch was followed by an anomaly that kept the two stages from sepa

JCrew uploads two product images: one before photoshop, one after photoshop

When you look at this JCrew product page, does anything stand out as peculiar? If you’re thinking “Holy crap! Lounge crinkle tissue pants for only $39.99, what a steal!”, take anothe

Buckcherry fails at piracy publicity stunt

The band we all know as Buckcherry recently put out a press release stating that they were pissed off that someone leaked their music online. The tracks in question were being distributed via BitTotte
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